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ASK FATHER: Gifts for new priests… an out of the box idea.

UPDATE 4 June: From my heralidic artist, David Burkart: Dear Father, Just to clarify, I assisted clients in developing original designs for the majority of the clerical arms displayed at my website prior to rendering them.  A few, like you, … Read More

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Christmas, Priests, Arms, and You

Right on cue, some folks have written messages asking for advice about Christmas gifts for priests. I could give the same advice I gave in years past. However, here’s a new thought based on a project I have wanted to … Read More

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Are you KIDDING?!?

Some years ago, in a burst of still slightly youthful zeal, I revamped my personal, clerical, family coat of arms with elements that were “meaningful”. A clerical student, deep student, of things heraldic – though rather antisocial – took me to … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z asks the readership for information – UPDATE

ORIGINAL Published 11 May 2016 First, where is a good herald when you need him?   I want to do a decent version of my coat-of-arms (I will revert to my family’s which is part of the one I was using). … Read More

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QUAERITUR: What will the former Pope’s coat-of-arms look like?

From a reader in the combox under another entry: I propose that for Benedict’s new coat of arms, he should keep the keys but remove the mitre and pallium, replacing them with a white galero with 21 tassels. I have … Read More

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In case you were wondering…

… the episcopal motto chosen by the new Prefect of the Papal Household, His Excellency, George Gänswein. Titual Archbishop of Urbs Salvia, is … Testimonium Perhibere Veritati. This is from John 18:37: Pilate therefore said to him: Art thou a … Read More

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“RETREEEEEAT!” Surrendering the Arsenal of the West! We need Latin!

I am always dismayed when I see that a new bishop dumbs-down his coat-of-arms, or stemma as it is called in Italian, with a modern language motto.  Of course I and some jocular priest friends suggested some less-often-considered mottos here. … Read More

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Change to the coat-of-arms of the Roman Curia?

I found something you should know about. Preamble:  Surely someone with little intellectual flexibility will opine that all the heraldry stuff is meaningless in our sophisticated modern world, or that people who are interested in it are, well, as effete … Read More

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Stemma Papale

When the Holy Father is in Rome on Sundays he usually will give his Angelus address from a window of his residence in the Apostolic Palace.  From the window sill there will drape a tapestry with the Pope’s coat-of-arms, or … Read More

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