Christmas, Priests, Arms, and You

Right on cue, some folks have written messages asking for advice about Christmas gifts for priests.

I could give the same advice I gave in years past. However, here’s a new thought based on a project I have wanted to get going for a while. Consider this. If your priests happen to have ecclesiastical coats of arms already prepared, you might have them either embroidered on vestments, or embroidered on appliqué patches which could be sewn on vestments.

To this end, if the priests do not have coats of arms already prepared, they might contact someone who can help them, someone knowledgeable in the field. Some priests will have family crests. I for example was able to find mine.

I found the services of David Burkart very helpful. He did a good rendering of my coat of arms, sent me a digital file, and also our large printed version for framing. The digital version can be used to create embroidered appliqués.

Right now, I am raising money to have a very beautiful set of investments made for pontifical masses. My hope is that I can make coat of arms appliqués of all the priests who are usually involved in these masses and then temporarily affix them to the appropriate vestments for mass. I am not yet sure how to do that. Perhaps with clear Velcro or pins. I’m thinking about that.

You readers are remarkably well informed and helpful. You are a great resource. Hence, I open the floor to your ideas.

Here is a patch, embroidered onto mesh, which I then applied to the chasuble for my 1st Mass, lo those many years ago.  It doesn’t have the motto ribbon, but it works well.

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  1. Chuck4247 says:

    Why and when did the concept of a coat of arms die out?

  2. Here we are talking about it! It could be that it wasn’t widely attended to in these USA. Bishops, of course, always received arms,

    Egalitarianism? False humility? Shame concerning identity or heritage? Lack of familiarity with the custom?

  3. dixiehacker says:

    I thought you were going to suggest Brownells gift cards for priests.

    [That’s a good idea, of course. I like it. Feel free to send!]

  4. WmHesch says:

    Nice, but what are you going to do when you get six amaranth tassels on your arms?

    [Why is that a problem? I have a new version of my arms made, of course.]

  5. Velcro or some other non-pin method. A pin is a catastrophe looking for a place to happen — and the place where it happens is sure not to be to your liking.

  6. Susanna says:

    Father, may i suggest the following tape which you can find on Amazon. I have had very good results with it in a variety of projects.

    Scotch Create Removable Double-Sided Fabric Tape, 3/4 in x 5 yd (FTR-1-CFT).

    The tape is also reusable, but i have no idea how many times it could be reused.


  7. Fr. Reader says:

    Z is for Zelus.

  8. Fr_Andrew says:

    Velcro is tacky (pun heavily intended).

    I think a quick couple of basting stitches with some thin thread (like is often done on the pall to permit its laundering) would be the least destructive and also would leave a plain option for when you are lacking a patch for said minister.

    That said, if a minister lacks arms that would seem to be an impedement.

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  10. David says:

    If you anticipate frequently removing such appliqués, I suggest against Velcro. Repeatedly removing all those tiny hooks can harm the fabric. A pin is much less destructive. Tape could be another option but I would not leave it in contact with the fabric longer than necessary as I would fear possible long-term damage from the materials in the tape.

  11. JustaSinner says:

    Silly me, I thought ‘arms’ were for Tactical Shotguns in appropriate priestly colors…

    [That too.]

  12. Fr. John says:

    Great idea Father, some of us do not have “Arms” and I would love to research this more. Any suggestions for resources? Zenit reported several years ago that the Vatican was going to publish a “manual” on ecclesiastical arms but I have not been able to find that this was actually published and is available purchase.

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