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ASK FATHER: Can a Pope change the voting age of Cardinals?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Can the Pope “change” or “raise” the required age of Cardinals entering a Conclave, say to 85 years old, or even 90? He seems to be changing other laws all by himself, why not this? Does … Read More

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Three Francis appointed Cardinals offer their hats and rings to women. Fr. Z responds.

Yesterday I received a copy of George Weigel’s new book The Next Pope: The Office of Peter and a Church in Mission US HERE – UK HERE The College of Cardinals, as the official titular clergy of Rome, has the … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Is Francis an Antipope because Cardinals conspired and the conclave was invalid?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: In your podcast the other about [Fr. Thomas G.] Weinandy’s idea of an “internal papal schism” you said that nobody is saying that Bergoglio is an Antipope. But there are people saying that and Bergoglio is … Read More

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A well-funded lay watchdog group to investigate all the Cardinals. All of them.

  UPDATE 2 Oct: I received an email from the operations director of this new group.  His corrections to the CRUX piece are worth noting: Dear Fr Z, My name is Jacob Imam and I’m the operations director of Better … Read More

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What if the papal conclave took place today?

At Il Sismografo I saw some interesting stats about the College of Cardinals. The College today, 26 June 2018 Total electors – 114 Total non electors – 98 Total College – 212 Cardinals created by John Paul II Electors – 19 … Read More

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Pope Francis sets date for Consistory for new Cardinals – short, odd list

At the English site of Vatican Radio we find the names of the soon-to-be Cardinals.  There is something rather odd in the list. (Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Sunday announced a consistory for the creation of new Cardinals. He made … Read More

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Reese makes his 6577th mistake

Over at Fishwrap the cracks are widening. They are losing John Allen. They closed the combox. MSW is deeply into logorrhea. They are panicky. Now I see a piece by Thomas Reese, SJ, who was removed from his editor’s position … Read More

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New Cardinals

Today the Holy Father named new Cardinals, including: The Pontiff made the announcement during his Angelus address in St Peter’s Square this morning. The Pope named 15 other voting cardinals: – Archbishop Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State; – Archbishop … Read More

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The Francis Effect™ and The Silly Season

More symptoms of The Francis Effect™. Now that we have the most wonderfullest and fluffiest Pope ehvur, people’s true colors seem to be emerging.  It is as if they are rushing to prove the old adage: Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses. … Read More

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Date of Conclave could be announced at 7 p.m. Rome time

Fr. Lombardi indicated during the press briefing today (going on as I write), that the date of the beginning of the Conclave may be announced this evening, at 7 p.m. Rome time. It would probably – not for sure – be … Read More

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Benedict’s Last Official Speech – a summary of his vision

I am sure an official translation will come out soon, if not already, but I wanted to savor the last official words of Pope Benedict XVI.  I did my own, below.  The last off-the-cuff remarks at the window at Castel … Read More

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Waiting for the hat to drop: Card. Mahony relieved of duties in Los Angeles.

The Archbishop of Los Angeles, Most Rev. José H. Gomez, has said “Effective immediately, I have informed Cardinal Mahony that he will no longer have any administrative or public duties.”  See the pdf of the letter HERE. What this means … Read More

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New Cardinals and their churches in Rome and cardinalatial trivia

You may have heard, but the Pope created a few more Cardinals today, 22 to be exact, though several are over 80 years of age and therefore cannot enter or vote in a conclave. Each cardinal is assigned a church … Read More

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QUAERITUR: If, after announcing new cardinals, the Pope dies before the consistory.

I have received several queries about what would happen if, before the upcoming consistory and the “creation” of the new cardinals, the Holy Father were to – quod Deus avertat – die. Would the men whose names were already announced … Read More

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New ceremony for the creation of cardinals

My old mentor Msgr. Schuler used to ask the unwary: “What’s the difference between a priest and a monsignor? … None. But often the monsignor doesn’t know it.” To be made a cardinal of Holy Church brings with the office … Read More

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Comment on the consistory

The list is out. I was pleased to see that one of my profs from the Augustinianum was on the list, though he is over 80, Prosper Grech, OSA.  Trappé never had the red hat. I was sad that good … Read More

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The Extra Beatitude and the College of Cardinals

I have been contemplating the buzz about the Consistory, which will more than like be announced today (6 Jan, Epiphany). My admiration for Pope Benedict is pretty obvious, I should think. That said, when I think about composition of the … Read More

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CNA has this: Vatican City, Jan 5, 2012 / 05:12 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican is refusing to deny media speculation that Pope Benedict XVI will announce a list of new cardinals as early as tomorrow. “You will have to … Read More

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Diaconal-Cardinalatial news.

I saw a notice on VIS that two worthy old cardinals will take possession of their titular churches in Rome.  These are diaconal titles and the worthies are Cardinal Deacons.  Both of them were at least 80 when made cardinals. … Read More

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