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ASK FATHER: If a Pope dies or resigns before a Consistory for the creation of Cardinals, are the designated men Cardinals or not?

Buzz buzz buzz. From his wheelchair Francis issues a list of men he would make cardinals. There are rumors about his bad and worsening health. Archbp. Gänswein sobs his way through a speech in Germany. Various documents are being issued, … Read More

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Pope Francis sets date for Consistory for new Cardinals – short, odd list

At the English site of Vatican Radio we find the names of the soon-to-be Cardinals.  There is something rather odd in the list. (Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Sunday announced a consistory for the creation of new Cardinals. He made … Read More

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Declaration of Council of 9 Cardinals: “adhesion and loyalty to the figure of the Pope and to his Magisterium”

This is from the Bolletino: Declaration of the Council of Cardinals, 13.02.2017 The Council of Cardinals began its eighteenth session today. At the beginning, Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, coordinator of the group, after greeting the Holy Father, thanked him … Read More

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Was the election of Pope Francis “invalid” because Cardinals committed certain crimes?

Canonist Ed Peters looks into the issue of the excommunication incurred by a cardinal elector who “canvasses” for votes in the context of a papal conclave.  HERE I won’t, here, get into Dr. Peter’s proposal that automatic (late sententiae) excommunication should … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Of cardinals and pigs and … grilling….

A reader asked about “Ray”.  “Ray” is every Cardinal (the member of the finch family) who has occasionally appeared on these electronic pages. Since I moved from the Sabine Farm to the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue, I have not … Read More

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New Cardinals

Today the Holy Father named new Cardinals, including: The Pontiff made the announcement during his Angelus address in St Peter’s Square this morning. The Pope named 15 other voting cardinals: – Archbishop Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State; – Archbishop … Read More

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What Francis says… what liberals hear…

Pope Francis says something like: “We need a deeper theology of women.” What liberals hear: “The Pope is going to name women cardinals!” That Francis might create females cardinals is patently absurd. The cartoon, by the way, is from this … Read More

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The Francis Effect™ and The Silly Season

More symptoms of The Francis Effect™. Now that we have the most wonderfullest and fluffiest Pope ehvur, people’s true colors seem to be emerging.  It is as if they are rushing to prove the old adage: Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses. … Read More

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Francis, the G8, and reform of the Roman Curia – some musings

Over here I posted about the new G8 that Pope Francis will call together in October.  They are supposedly to help with alterations to the constitution called Pastor bonus, that governs the Roman Curia. We all agree that reform of … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Cardinal Edition

I no longer have the big and varied feeders that I once did at The Sabine Farm, but I do have a small feeder on the window here at the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue. As result I don’t have … Read More

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Cardinals and their doctorates… or not.

It was once customary for bishops to sport after their names the “D.D.” of the “Doctor of Divinity” degree. Whenever I see that designation I think of a limerick I learned from the late Msgr. Richard Schuler… There once was … Read More

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New Cardinals and their churches in Rome and cardinalatial trivia

You may have heard, but the Pope created a few more Cardinals today, 22 to be exact, though several are over 80 years of age and therefore cannot enter or vote in a conclave. Each cardinal is assigned a church … Read More

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QUAERITUR: If, after announcing new cardinals, the Pope dies before the consistory.

I have received several queries about what would happen if, before the upcoming consistory and the “creation” of the new cardinals, the Holy Father were to – quod Deus avertat – die. Would the men whose names were already announced … Read More

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New ceremony for the creation of cardinals

My old mentor Msgr. Schuler used to ask the unwary: “What’s the difference between a priest and a monsignor? … None. But often the monsignor doesn’t know it.” To be made a cardinal of Holy Church brings with the office … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Z-CAM edition

Here are a few screenshots from the live Z-CAM which I have running again.  I still have some technical problems, but it is running.  I have chaplets of the Rosary in Latin, prayers for the Pope, and other prayers. And … Read More

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Cardinals to take possession of their titular churches in Rome

A couple of WDTPRS’s favorite Cardinals will soon be taking possession of their cardinalatial titles in Rome: Sabato 5 febbraio 2011, alle ore 18.30, l’Em.mo Cardinale Raymond Leo Burke, Prefetto del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica, prenderà possesso della Diaconia … Read More

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The Pope’s hinge-men: a proposal about cardinals.

A great deal hinges on the naming of cardinals.  The very word comes from Latin cardo, “hinge”.  Cardinals are the Pope’s hingemen. Phil Lawler made a proposal about the naming of new cardinals.  Here is a key passage. Rather than … Read More

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Roman exorcist says there are satanic groups in Vatican

There is a CNA post about something which is less than savory.  It might be useful to have some discussion here. Keep in mind that I discourage prurient interest in things having to do with the enemy of the soul … Read More

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