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ASK FATHER: Do I sin if I think that Benedict XVI on purpose didn’t resign the papacy?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I have become increasingly convinced by those who say that Pope Benedict XVI purposefully performed an invalid resignation of the papacy. Does this belief potentially place me in a state of serious sin? I do not … Read More

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“I am satisfied so long as I keep my books closed”

From the estimable Laudator: By Yuan Mei (1716–1797), tr. J.D.Schmidt: I am satisfied so long as I keep my books closed, But I start to worry, when I open their covers. The books are long, but the day is short; … Read More

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Curiosity about Curiosity is not just Curiosity

After posting about the Seven Minutes of Terror, I was curious about Curiosity, the newest Mars Rover heading to the Red Planet. Intrepid little Spirit isn’t working any more, since it became mired and died.  Opportunity is working, but depends … Read More

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