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Author of The Dictator Pope suspended from the Order of Malta

According to the Catholic Herald the author of The Dictator Pope (pre-order 23 April – US HERE – UK HERE – more HERE) has been suspended from the Order of Malta and has disassociated itself from the book, describing it as a “vile attack” on … Read More

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Author of “The Dictator Pope” revealed (officially) and book format now available

Some people were clued in a long time ago, but were asked to keep it under wraps.  Now it is out in the open. The Dictator Pope (revised and updated) – now available in hard copy from Regnery for pre-order (23 … Read More

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Anonymous “Dictator Pope” author hunted by the Vatican

A few days ago wrote about the hard-hitting recently released on Kindle in Italian and in English.  The author wrote under a pen name. Controversial Book about Pope Francis: “The Dictator Pope” In Italian – US HERE – UK HERE In English – US HERE – … Read More

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