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Drones… who knew? Amazing VIDEO

You can go great things with tools or evil things. Drones are tools. This is amazing. Sent by a long-time internet colleague, reader, donor, fellow ham, and Catholic gentleman. IMG_3021

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VIDEO Spectacular view of the Basilica of Monreale … by drone

After the dreck we have had to wade through lately, here is something of beauty. Here is a voyage within the Basilica Santa Maria La Nuova di Monreale in Sicily, a magnificent 12th c. Normano-Byzantine edifice which must number among … Read More

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I tuned into the live stream on CSPAN2 of Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) filibuster. In 1957 Sen. Strom Thurmond, (D&R, SC) filibustered for 24 hrs 18 min. I think the Senate rules allow for the Senator to yield the floor … Read More

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