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@BishopBarron on Barron. @EricSammons on Barron. Wherein @FatherZ rants.

On 2 March Bp. Robert Barron issued an apologia at Word On Fire: “The Evangelical Path Of Word On Fire”. He spends his first several hundred words talking about his own efforts to battle “beige” Catholicism through a “missionary spirit … Read More

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Terrific podcast at Crisis with Scott Hahn. Don’t delay.

Joyless Catholic.  That’s like married bachelor.  It’s an oxymoron. Thus, Scott Hahn in a new podcast. BTW… Scott is also the guy who came up with the triptych of “rad trads, mad trads and glad trads”.  I know which I … Read More

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Sammons: “Will Catholic Ever Return to Mass?”

At Crisis there is a piece by Eric Sammons from January which echoes what I have been writing about, what I call the “demographic sinkhole” that has been opening up under the Church for some time now.  The “beige” will … Read More

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