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An exorcist on what demons say about priests and Mass

How I wish that you all understood Italian. I heard a recording posted La Nuova Bussola of comments by an exorcist of the Archdiocese of Milan, don Ambrogio Villa, in which he speaks about the Mass. During an exorcism a demon … Read More

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Tulsa Day 1

I am in Tulsa! There is a conference for priests on exorcism sponsored by the Diocese and Bp. Slattery which I have wanted to attend for the last three years. The evening began, however, with sung (Novus Ordo) vespers in … Read More

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Roman exorcist says there are satanic groups in Vatican

There is a CNA post about something which is less than savory.  It might be useful to have some discussion here. Keep in mind that I discourage prurient interest in things having to do with the enemy of the soul … Read More

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