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UPDATE- A confluence of promptings leads Fr. Z to rant and to make a plea to bishops.

UPDATE: 1 July 2019 (Precious Blood) Concerning the video about the late Card. Bernardin (linked below) and my association with the novel Windswept House (which has identifiable real people as fictionalized characters), I bring an update.  This is one of … Read More

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An unsolved priest’s murder and forecast of today’s clerical chaos

At Catholic World Report there is an article about the unsolved murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz, 20 years ago. Authorities have some suspects, but not yet enough. Here is an excerpt from the article which explains why I keep my … Read More

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20 Years Later: #WhoKilledFatherKunz

Last Saturday, 3 March, we had a Requiem Mass for in the intention of the late Fr. Alfred Kunz. It was the 20th anniversary of his murder.  His body was found on 4 March 1998, though he was probably killed … Read More

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