UPDATE- A confluence of promptings leads Fr. Z to rant and to make a plea to bishops.

UPDATE: 1 July 2019 (Precious Blood)

Concerning the video about the late Card. Bernardin (linked below) and my association with the novel Windswept House (which has identifiable real people as fictionalized characters), I bring an update.  This is one of the things that was ringing off the hook in the back of my mind.

I was contacted by someone with an autographed copy of Windswept House which he was given by the late and very traditional Fr. Alfred Kunz, whose unsolved murder in the Diocese of Madison is an open wound to this day.   He also had a list of the real people and places whom Martin fictionalized for his novel.

The linked video about Card. Bernardin demonstrates his close connection with the late Bp. John Russell (+1993) of Charleston SC.   In Windswept House Russell is recreated as Bp. “Leo” James Russeton, who is the prelate who directs and offers the parallel satanic rites (with the gory stuff) meant to complete the satanic desecration of the Church in the heart of the Vatican City in 1963.

This was ringing bells in the back of my mind.  I once had a copy of that list, which I recall tucking into a hardback of Windswept House which I now remember lending to someone and never getting back.  The copy I dug out of my storage unit was its replacement, but I had lost the list, many names on which lingered in distant memories.

___ Originally Published on: Jun 29, 2019

A confluence of promptings drove me to my storage locker.

  • There was a recent reading about the infiltration of the Church so as to obtain for the infiltrators high positions of influence. HERE The book didn’t make a strong case based on lots of evidence, but surely the main thesis of the book was dead on accurate.
  • There was the reading of the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Amazonian Synod, which reads as a blueprint for making the Church more like to an NGO with interests in earth-mother worship than the Bride of Christ, indefectible and authoritative. On that, Card. Brandmüller HERE. The Instrumentum Laboris in English HERE
  • There was the video about revelations concerning the late Card. Bernardin.  HERE

In that last link, I was already starting to think about the late Malachi Martin’s Windswept House.  US HERE – UK HERE  Something about Bernardin’s connection to South Carolina stirred my memory.

Today, I cracked old Windswept House.  It’s a tangle of tortured prose and references which are usually slightly off enacted by thinly veiled real but fictionalized players.  It conveys a grim story that you can’t but help know is, its flaws aside, dead on.   In the first few rapids sections of prologue, Martin takes you from Pius XII reflecting on the Treaty of Rome in 1957, to John XXIII refusing to release the Third Secret in 1960, to 1963… specifically the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.

The Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, the day I write this.

In that section of the novel’s prologue there is enacted simultaneously a Satanic ritual in the Pauline Chapel next to the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican and also a place in South Carolina (where the gory stuff was to be done) in order to enthrone Satan in the heart of the Church.  The perpetrators of this evil want not so much to destroy the Church but to transform it into a human institution for the sake of creating a new world order.  Of course 1963 is when the Second Vatican Council is in session and Martin, in this novel, was also hinting that the Third Secret warned about a council.  Get it?

“But Father!  But Father!”, some of you libs and pseudointellects are tittering to the clink of ice in your highball glasses, “This is pure traddy fantasy fueled by years of bitter disappointment at not getting your way.  Since 1963 a new springtime has been blowing through us – we are church, after all – and the fresh air is driving out the stale old incense and trappings of religion you cling to.  It was greater than the Council of Jerusalem, though it didn’t go nearly far enough and … and… crush all opposition.  You… youuuuuuu…. racist climate-change denying homophobic haters!  YOU HATE VATICAN II!”

I esteem Vatican II enough not to lie about it.

I am also now reminded of a story from 2018 about a dreadful occurrence in one of the most important places in the Vatican City, the Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio, where the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is housed.  That palazzo has also some residence apartments for curial officials, normally of high rank.   There was a druggy orgy of some kind involving a low-ranking worker bee who managed, mysteriously, to get lodging there.   HERE

Certain kinds of sins, summon to and cause to attach to and oppress places and people.  They must be driven forth by exorcism.

What happened in 2018 was close to the very heart of the Church’s heart.  As I described it then:

The Devil is good at what he does and he tells us what he is up to.  Having drug/sodomy parties in the building where the CDF and where the office that oversees the use of the Traditional Roman Rite and the new traditional religious institutes are housed is a dead give away.  THAT’s precisely the sort of place to attach and infest with demonic presence.  It’s a stone’s throw from

a) the very place Peter was crucified
b) the tomb of Peter
c) the Paul VI audience hall, where the Synod (“walking together”) meets
d) the offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which also handles cases of abuse
e) the offices of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” which, reinforced by Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum is providing support for that “Marshall Plan” for rebuilding that I’m always on about.

If I were looking at this from the eyes of an enemy, that’s exactly the sort of place I would seek to infiltrate.

The Enemy is real and really good at being an Enemy.  Demons and their activities are real.

If I were a diocesan bishop, I would immediately go through my entire cathedral and chancery and residence and exorcise the places using the older, traditional Roman Ritual.

If I were a diocesan bishop, I would tell pastors of parishes and chaplains of schools, etc., whom I trusted to do it right, to do the same in their places, church, sacristy, rectory, school, all around the grounds.   Otherwise, I would send delegated priests to all the other parishes, etc., to carry out the exorcisms.

If I were a diocesan bishop, I would pronounce an exorcism over the entire diocese entrusted to my care.

If I were a diocesan bishop, I would go to the four corners of the diocese and pronounce the exorcism again at each spot and also say Masses at each, Pro Remissione Peccatorum, Pro Defensibus Ab Hostibus, Ad Poscenda Suffragia Sanctorum, Pro Gratiarum Actione.

Repeat annually.

It would be like tracing the Sign of the Cross over the whole diocese.  I got the idea from what Archbp. Sample did when he was still in Marquette.

Do it in the dead of night in a locked church or in the full light of day with public concourse.  Just do it.

This will cost nothing but a little gas money, will not require a dithering committee, and could be done in a short period of time.  But what benefits!

I think that people would flock to these “Four Corners” Masses and would be deeply edified.   And, if bishops are concerned about bring young people to the Faith and keeping them strong, this will help.  Do you doubt it?

This is serious stuff and they want something serious.

There is no more important thing a bishop does than sanctify and he wields all the weapons of spiritual warfare.

There is no more important thing that a bishop does than say Mass for the welfare of his flock.   And with the might of successors of Apostles, they command the Enemy.

If you are a bishop, please heed my plea.  If you are the secretary to a bishop, or the friend of a bishop, please make this request.

¿You want to hacer some real lío?

Find the recipe between the covers of the Rituale Romanum and Missale Romanum.

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  1. majuscule says:

    I love the idea of Masses at the four corners of the diocese.

    My parish is at the southern end of the diocese, with one church being the farthest southeast and another the farthest southwest. Or they could offer a Mass outdoors, closer to the boundary.

  2. Sieber says:

    I seem to remember that there was an unusual period of time between the puff of white smoke to the appearance of our new pontiff on the balcony. At first it was explianed that Francis had made a side trip to the Pauline chapel. This was vehemently denied by his spokesmen. In any event it was noted that while his reputation had been of one somewhat reseved if not shy, he came out on that balcony kissing babies and destroying religious orders.

  3. tho says:

    Father, you are the greatest. If they made you a Bishop, I would nominate you for the Bishop’s Hall of Fame. Without a doubt, you would be referred to as the Babe Ruth of Bishops.
    I am trying to be humorous, but down deep I am serious. Please excuse me if I am being a bit sacrilegious, my intention is not that.

  4. carndt says:

    Has anyone read,”School if Darkness” by Bella Dodd or “AA-125” by Marie Carrie? The first is written by THE person that did the infiltration of the Church. The second is memoirs of one of the infiltrators.

  5. Therese says:

    Thank you, Father. Your alarm is warranted. In our diocese we are deeply infected and there are priests and deacons who acknowledge this fact; they say the chancery itself is evil. We are begging the Blessed Mother Herself to come, as we cannot ask the bishop for an exorcist. May God bless us all.

  6. teomatteo says:

    Bp Sample probably went to the four corners: St Ignatius, Sault St.Marie, Iron Wood and Copper Harbor. In dah winter. With snow shoes.

  7. mbarry says:

    Nice post.

    It would be worth the trouble to discover if the simultaneous ceremonies for the installation of Lucifer was an actual event.

  8. bartlep says:

    I KNOW my bishop will not being doing this…

    [You don’t know until he is asked.]

  9. Clinton R. says:

    I know Father’s detractors accuse him of hating Vatican II, but in all honesty, is there any reason NOT to hate it? No other council’s aftermath has resulted in the enormous damage to the Faith that this one has. Whatever good that came out of Vatican II has been greatly outweighed by the “anything goes” mentality the Council engendered, whether intentionally or not.

  10. Gab says:

    I’d love to share this post regarding the exorcisms with my Archbishop but he’s far to modern for such things.

    [Nothing ventured, nothing gained.]

  11. Gregg the Obscure says:

    some corners of dioceses such as Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Fairbanks, or Gallup could be quite adventurous. (i know, just the parishes closest would probably do, but it’s fun to think about)

  12. mwa says:

    I would like to use the prayer from the end of the Asperges rite for asking a blessing on my home.

    Can anyone tell me if it would be inappropriate to use this prayer outside of the rite for this purpose?

    [Yes, you can say this prayer.]

  13. mwa says:

    This is the prayer inquired about:
    Hear us, O holy Lord, almighty Father, everlasting God, and vouchsafe to send Thy holy Angel from heaven, to guard, cherish, protect, visit and defend all that are assembled in this place: Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  14. Pingback: Mail from a priest: “It finally dawned on me that the dysfunction could be demonic.” Then a short rant from @FatherZ | Fr. Z's Blog

  15. djc says:

    Re: Bp Sample probably went to the four corners: St Ignatius, Sault St.Marie, Iron Wood and Copper Harbor. In dah winter. With snow shoes.

    We go to the UP for a couple of weeks each summer (we’ve spent time in all four of those cities, especially The Soo and St Ignace) and often times in October for a visit. I must say the Marquette Diocese has a lot of good things going on. A lot of Seminarians for such a small population and very reverent masses. Bishop Doerfler has continued Archbishop Sample’s good work.

    Incidentally Bishop Sample even took a ferry to Sugar Island to say Mass

  16. michele421 says:

    I’m confused. Are you saying that Bp Russell was a satanist?

  17. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:


    This has a list of “who was who” at the bottom.

  18. Credoh says:

    Here’s a list of the WH characters, whether or not it’s the same as your original, Father.

    God Bless.


  19. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Malachi Martin sure was insinuating that…

  20. RCAVictor says:

    Years ago, 2004-2009, one of the readers of my old newsletter (which shall remain nameless), living in Virginia, claimed to (a) be well acquainted with Fr. Malachi Martin’s former press agent, and (b) that said agent informed her that Father had confirmed the actual existence of the satanic enthronement ritual on 6/29/63.

    This begs the question: when Paul VI spoke of the “smoke of Satan” entering the Church, did he know about, and was he referring to that ceremony?

  21. michele421 says:

    Forgive me if this is off-topic, but this also begs three more questions. If this happened, how did Martin find out? If Pope Paul VI knew, why did he allow the parties involved to remain as bishops?

  22. roma247 says:

    You know, on the one hand, I’m burning with curiosity to read this book.

    But on the other hand, I know that I had better not.

    The current events speak for themselves and are so deeply depressing and confusing that the last thing I need is to add more fuel to the fire.

    How does one read something like this and not end up defecting to one of the schismatic churches that claims to not have been contaminated by this filth?


  23. majuscule says:

    I don’t know if this is your list of characters from Windswept House but it’s someone’s “key” to who the fictionalized characters were supposed to represent…


    (Now this is just plain weird…autocomplete inserted “factionalized” instead of “fictionalized”…or maybe it was my subconscious typo…)

  24. Semper Gumby says:

    In Windswept House Malachi Martin does not use a pseudonym for Annibale Bugnini.

    (On Bugnini see the 29 August 2017 post here titled: “Eyewitness account of struggle over post-Conciliar liturgical reform, which “reversed” centuries”” (Abp. Lefebvre at a 1982 Montreal conference.))

    The Windswept House character “Grand Master Maselli” at or around p. 338 refers to Bugnini as a “member of the Lodge.”

    According to Michael Davies: “Archbishop Annibale Bugnini was a freemason, initiated into the Masonic Lodge on April 23, 1963 (Masonic Register of Italy dated 1976).” See the “Addendum” to Michael Davies’ “Annibale Bugnini The Main Author of the Novus Ordo” at Catholic Apologetics.

    “Grand Master Maselli” in Windswept House may be Licio Gelli of Propaganda Due or P2.

  25. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Satan only has the power over us that individual men and women allow him to have over themselves.

    This is very bad stuff, and very oppressive. But the Church has triumphed over paganism and sexual license before, and she cannot help but do it again. She is Christ’s Body and His bride. God has all these nasty little people outnumbered, and many of them have already gone to be judged.

    Do not lose hope. We were created to fight this junk.

    Jesus, we trust in You.

  26. MargaretW says:

    What a case of serendipity to come across this blog at this moment! I happen to be in the middle of reading Windswept House right now!

    If I had read this book a few years ago before the sordid details of sex abuse scandals, doctrinal “irregularities,” and continued promotion of compromised clerics emerged and continue to unfold daily— I would have thought the book’s depiction of satanic events and the premise of a corrupt hierarchy were preposterous. But not anymore!

  27. It’s quite a read. Bogs down here and there, but the overall arc of the story is fascinating.

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