20 Years Later: #WhoKilledFatherKunz

Last Saturday, 3 March, we had a Requiem Mass for in the intention of the late Fr. Alfred Kunz. It was the 20th anniversary of his murder.  His body was found on 4 March 1998, though he was probably killed the night before.

This was not only the sin of murder, but also the sin of sacrilege.   One act, two sins.

Remember how David could have killed his enemy and persecutor King Saul, but refused because we must not raise our hand against the Lord’s anointed.   Harming a priest is sacrilege.

20 years ago.  There still has been no resolution.

It is possible that someone out there knows something that might make a difference in this case.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office hopes to re-invigorate the investigation of this case, and encourages anyone with information to contact the TIPS line at 608-284-6900 or email at


I can’t imagine keeping something like this bottled up.  I can’t imagine how it must gnaw inside.

Here are photos from the Requiem on the 20th anniversary of Fr. Kunz’s brutal murder.

This shot, with the juxtaposition of birettas, touched me and makes me consider my own impending death.

Here is my sermon after the Mass. [UPDATE 7 March 2018 – I’m told that it was auto-playing, so I shifted it over to another audio plugin.]

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  1. frjimt says:

    May God be merciful to His priest..
    May justice prevail & may fr’s murderer(s) come to repentance before they/he meets our God of justice and mercy.

  2. Suburbanbanshee says:

    A recent newspaper story about the case. The police have been releasing info to the public, in the hopes that they will get new leads.

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