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1 year later: Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP – RIP

Catholics traditionally pray for their dead, particularly with the celebration of Holy Mass, on the day of their death, on the third, seventh, and thirtieth day (“Month’s Mind”) after the death or burial. We also remember them on the year … Read More

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The motive of the murder of Fr. Walker and assault on Fr. Terra

In one story about the arrest of the man suspected as the murderer of Fr. Kenneth Walker in Phoenix, I read this: PHOENIX (CBS5) – The person who brutally attacked two Phoenix priests might have a lot of anger toward … Read More

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BREAKING: Arrest made in the murder of Fr. Walker – UPDATED

There is forensic evidence that connects the suspect to inside the rectory and inside the Fr. Walker’s vehicle which he stole. There is a Requiem this morning.  Around that same time there is supposed to be a presser. More from … Read More

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About the lives of Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra

There is a long piece at AZCentral today about Fr. Walker, recently murdered, Fr. Terra, recently assaulted, and the Extraordinary Form they celebrated. Here is some of it.  Read the whole thing there. My emphases and comments. Before attack, ancient rite … Read More

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Fishwrap’s coverage of Fr. Walker’s murder… not

Fr. Walker was murdered and Fr. Terra was assaulted so badly that he is in critical condition.  These priests worked among the poor of Phoenix in a pretty dodgy part of town. They are beloved of their flock and they … Read More

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PHOENIX: Developments in case of Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra

You will want to see this.  HERE  Bp. Olmsted makes remarks on camera. And BBC HERE Among other things that story says that they have now a description of the suspected perp and that Fr. Terra can talk finally: Parishioner … Read More

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Recommended reading about the death of Fr. Walker

I friend of mine who writes now for NLM posted a personal reflection on the recently murdered Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP. Enough said. Click HERE.

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PHOENIX: More about the murder of Fr. Walker

Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP, 29, was shot to death by an unknown killer who also assaulted another priest, Fr. Joseph Terra, 56, who is in critical condition. Fr. Terra was able to give Fr. Walker absolution. The news coverage is … Read More

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