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For this Sunday’s Pastor’s Page, Fr. Rutler offered this: The Magi gave the Holy Child presents of gold and myrrh and the essence of Boswellia serrata, which is the resin known as frankincense. The incense used in church may be pure … Read More

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My View For Awhile: Smells (no bells) Edition

Alas I am not in Venice. As I depart NYC once again, I am happy to have gotten all my errands accomplished. Late flights give me almost a full day. The trek from the door to LGA via Uber (the … Read More

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Aroma Therapy – Catholic style

A priest friend sent this to share for your Just Too Cool file.  From Science Daily: Burning Incense Is Psychoactive: New Class Of Antidepressants Might Be Right Under Our Noses Religious leaders have contended for millennia that burning incense is … Read More

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