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New Book about Galileo!

I’m pretty excited about this book and I haven’t even gotten into it yet! I’ve read a lot about Galileo over the years.  This looks good.  I like that “in context” part.  The book doesn’t just deal with issues, but … Read More

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Super cool Galileo gravity experiment

Super cool. Galileo claimed that if there was no air, a cannonball and a feather would, if dropped, hit the ground at the same time. One of the Apollo astronauts did this experiment on the moon with a hammer and … Read More

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Of heavenly conjunctions, the turning of the spheres, and astrological divination

Last night and the night before I went out into the crisp darkness to gaze for a while at a celestial conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and a sliver of a Crescent moon, all gathered directly under the Pleiades. This spiffing … Read More

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A great Shadow… with a few book notes.

There is a very cool pic on Astronomy Pic of the Day.  There was recently a lunar eclipse.  I missed it because I was in Florida where it rained for about 4 solid days without CEASING.  But that’s another story. … Read More

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The Hammer and The Feather

I remember watching this when I was a kid and thinking that it was very cool indeed. Today I picked it up from Astronomy Pic of the Day, which is on my daily checklist. A famous experiment compliments of Apollo … Read More

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About Galileo, churches and the sun

I was recently alerted to a blog, The Deeps of Time, which deals with science and the Catholic faith.  Even as I am starting at a book on my desk about Galileo (sent by a kind reader from my wish … Read More

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Catholic League reacts to a Hell’s Bible book review

From our friends at The Catholic League: NEW YORK TIMES’ DUMB TAKE ON CATHOLICISM There was a book review in yesterday’s New York Times by Bill Keller, executive editor of the newspaper, of Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy, … Read More

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