Officer slain in Boulder shooting was a TLM parishioner. Wherein Fr. Z rants about death and YOU. UPDATED

UPDATE: 26 March Time has been changed to noon MDT. Still at the Denver Cathedral with an FSSP celebrant. the link for livestream is https://livestream.com/accounts/3170708/events/9593864 Originally Published on: Mar 24, 2021 Recently there was a terrible mass shooting in Boulder, … Read More

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“This is the time God chose for us. Get up off the ground!” Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Time for A Rant. I know that many of you readers are upset by what is going on in the Church.  May I repeat some advice? Remember that Popes come and go.  There are good Popes and bad Popes, important … Read More

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YOU are other people.  It’s always someone else… until it’s YOU.

Last night I watched the news for the first time in a few days. One guy in North Carolina, who lost everything because of Florence, said that he’d seen things like this on TV but he never thought it would … Read More

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The fruits of my shouting at you and harassing.

This is the sort of note I live for: I hadn’t been to Confession in seven months because I had an uncomfortable experience with the priest afterward the last time and was nervous about going back. However, your endless repetition of GO TO … Read More

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