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Abbey to become a Harry Potter theme park

Holy Catholic Church is indefectible.  Christ promised that He would be with us always and that the Church would prevail over all the attacks of Hell. He didn’t promise that the Church would survive where you live. Keep that mind as … Read More

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Harvesting Conciliar “fruits”: half of adults polled think Harry Potter and Hunger Games could be Biblical

It often seems that, these days, the odds are never in our favor. I take time out from my furious conference preparation (on art coming up in Detroit) to present something that only confirms the great fruits of Vatican II and the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Harry Potter

From a reader: Recently very good friends of mine told me that is is probably a sin to have read the Harry Potter books – even as a child with no intent of getting involved in "magic" or anything of … Read More

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