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WDTPRS – 2nd Sunday of Lent: Purify your “spiritual view” lest God be offended

Here is the Collect of the 2nd Sunday of Lent, a new composition for the Novus Ordo based on a precedent in the Liber Mozarabicus Sacramentorum: Deus, qui nobis dilectum Filium tuum audire praecepisti, verbo tuo interius nos pascere digneris, ut, spiritali … Read More

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The new, corrected translation and deaf people

Even a bait-less hook will sometimes snag a catch.  The National Catholic Fishwrap has a somewhat interesting story about deaf communities getting ready to receive the new, corrected translation of the Missale Romanum. Stop and think about it.  If the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can a deaf priest say Mass in the Extraordinary Form?

From a reader: I recently came across this article about a deaf priest recently ordained for  ___.  I’m curious – could a deaf priest ever say an EF Mass?  It seems to me that the rubrics would either (1) require … Read More

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