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ARRIVED: Tenebrae Hearse! And a successful bout with Zuhlsdorf’s Law

The Tenebrae hearse arrived in time. I wanted it days ago, but it came. I wanted it days ago so that we could check it out and solve problems (which, since I have read a lot of Augustine, and I … Read More

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A detail in a detail in a header on this blog and some details about a liturgical detail.

Speaking of Tenebrae hearses… As you know, the TMSM has obtained a new-old hearse.  THANK YOU, MB, for the generous donation! A Tenebrae hearse is a pavement standing candelabra with 15 candles. After each psalm of Matins and Lauds a … Read More

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TENEBRAE 2016: Photos

I recently posted about TENEBRAE – Where? When? Today I received photos from a favorite place of mine, Wyoming Catholic College.  Prof. Peter Kwasniewski writes: Last night we held our fifth consecutive Tenebrae service at Wyoming Catholic College. (We always sing, … Read More

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