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ASK FATHER: Why do people today freak out so much over the idea of exorcisms?

From a reader…. QUAERITUR: I saw the really good posts that Father Tim Finigan and Father John Hunwicke put on their blogs and the comments.  Why, Father Z, do you think people today freak out so much over the idea … Read More

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Church groups are losing members. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

The fundamental reason why God gave us a Church which we could recognize by its marks is that we are sinners who are going to die. Through His Church, Christ provides the ordinary means of our salvation. We have the … Read More

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Of Star Wars and Immanentism and Birdcages and Elite Snobbery. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

In my talks I sometimes address the steady slide of many Catholics into Immanentism Lite.  They don’t exactly deny that God is transcendent, it’s just that they never give transcendence the slightest thought.  They have never had too, have they? … Read More

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Have we entered an age of a new gnosticism?

There is an adage: Qui bene distinguit, bene docet, that is, someone who makes distinctions well, teaches well. Distinguished canonist Ed Peters makes good distinctions about the Holy Father’s disregard for the Church’s duly promulgated law when he chose to … Read More

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