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VIDEO: Iowa Democrats Praying For Abortion Care

The other day a member of the Iowa Democrat Party (aka The Party of Death or TPOD hereafter) said that having a colicky baby (a baby that cries a lot) is a justification for abortion. Now I see this, also … Read More

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The Party of Death: Iowa Dem says colicky (crying) baby is reason for abortion

From LifeSite: The Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill recently to ban telemed abortions – abortions done with the dangerous RU 486 drug where the abortion clinic prevents a woman from seeing the doctor in person. During the debate on the … Read More

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The graphic Santorum mentioned in his “victory speech”

Here is the graphic Rich Santorum mentioned in his “victory speech”. The graphic represents the size and composition of the entourages of the GOP candidates in Iowa. Santorum’s campaign is at the bottom…. of the graphic, that is. From my … Read More

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