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The fever virus spreads! Another bishop attacks ‘ad orientem’ worship.

Bishops.  Waiting to see what the other guys do.   Then, boldly leaping into action! And getting it wrong.  Again. The Bishop of Erie Pennsylvania is not to be confused with his predecessor, the Erie Bishop of Pennsylvania, Donald Trautman.  Although, … Read More

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VIDEO: Unhinged Karen’s spittle-flecked, obscenity-laced nutty on hearing that Justice Ginsberg died. LANGUAGE WARNING

This is not the sort of thing I usually post, but it exemplifies the unhinged Left pretty well. I picked up from twitter video someone reposted from TikTok.   Lefty Karen, is “distelthirst” (aka Sydnasty).  She is a self-described “bisexual horticulturalist … Read More

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