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ADVENTCAzT 2022: 01 – 1st Sunday of Advent: “Memento mori”

A series of short daily podcasts for Advent 2022. ROMAN STATION: St. Mary Major Today, we hear about an ancient element of today’s Mass, tied to the harrowing Gospel for Mass, Luke 21:25-33. We have a reminder about inevitable death, … Read More

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Memento mori!

Just a reminder to GO TO CONFESSION! Why? You are all going to die one day. I direct this especially at you who dissent from some teaching of the Church: Don’t be on the wrong side of the Church when … Read More

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Sudden, Unprovided Death and You

Pray for the victims of the killer at the Navy Yard. Friends, this could be you. Please! Develop the good practice of examining your conscience every day and going to confession regularly. I implore you! Teach your children to examine their consciences and take … Read More

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Memento mori!

Over at the amusing and often useful blog Art of Manliness there is a post about Memento Mori art. “Memento mori!” means, “Be mindful of death!” or “Don’t forget that you are going to die so repent, confess your sins, and live … Read More

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“Memento mori!”

Throughout history our insightful forebears have inserted into rituals which exalt some mere mortal  certain elements intended to deflate, remind that we are mortals. For example, in ancient Rome during a general’s triumph a slave stood beside the triumphator in … Read More

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Memento mori.

Via the Laudator: Epictetus, Discourses 3.5.5-6 (tr. W.A. Oldfather): Do you not know that disease and death needs must overtake us, no matter what we are doing? They overtake the farmer at his work in the fields, the sailor on … Read More

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