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Was a priest banned by Twitter for reminding women modestly to cover up at Mass?

It seems that Fr. Kevin Cusick – a prolific tweeter and a columnist at my old stomping ground The Wanderer – was banned from Twitter because of reactions to his comment to women to dress modestly at Mass for the sake … Read More

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Wherein women can comment about clothing and modesty.

Another entry is being derailed into a discussion of women’s clothing and modesty.  It’s a great topic, but was a rabbit hole. Therefore, I am opening this entry here.  I will now back out slowly of the room, while whispering … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Tarting-it-up for a church wedding

[Raising my eyes to heaven even as I grope for that third rail with my outstretched toe.] From a readerette: I’m having a bit of a conflict with my bride-to-be best friend, who has gone Bridezilla on me. She asked … Read More

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