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What Did The Pope Really Say… about Lutherans and Communion?

Here we go again. Pope Francis has offered some confusing observations about the possibility of Lutherans receiving Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. I’m getting email… angry… alarmed… confused… sad… above all demoralized. Edward Pentin has the best press breakdown … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can we attend non-Catholic weddings?

From a reader: Is it wrong if not in fact sinful to attend the weddings and funerals of non-Catholics? For as Pope Pius XI stated in his encyclical treating on Christian unity, Catholics are never to participate in schismatic or … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Non-Catholic choir singing at St. Peter’s Basilica

From a reader: In your valued opinion, and those of your readers, is it permissible/proper/desirable/good for a Protestant choir to sing at Mass in St Peter’s Basilica? Certainly the controversy over bad Catholic choirs being allowed to sing for Mass … Read More

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