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Channeling stupid in Sweden

How foolish. I am reminded of scenes from Lord Of The World, Voyage To Alpha Centauri, The Children of Men (the book, not the dopey movie), Eclipse of the Sun (US HERE – UK HERE). The Church of Sweden (Lutheran) has made … Read More

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PODCAzT 159: Catholics and Lutherans about Justification

On this 500th anniversary of the legendary nailing up of theses by Martin Luther, that spark the revolt that tore Christendom apart, and on this anniversary of the signing of the Joint Today we will hear Avery Card. Dulles 1999 … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Publications to help Lutherans come into the Church in 2017?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I was raised Lutheran and most of my family (4 siblings) still are (one sibling has gone Evangelical). I pray daily for the conversion of all my siblings and their families to the Holy Catholic Church … Read More

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Latvian Lutherans ban female ‘priests’

Here’s a step in the right direction for our upcoming ecumenical celebrations of the Reformation! From IOL: Women priests voiced dismay on Wednesday after Latvia’s Lutheran church ruled it would no longer allow women to be ordained, putting it at … Read More

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Communion given to Lutherans in St. Peter’s Basilica – The Wrap Up

There was a kerfuffle about some Lutherans who visited Pope Francis and then – horribile scriptu – were somehow invited to receive Holy Communion during a Mass. Frankly, I didn’t follow this too closely, though the very thought irritated me … Read More

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Some differences between Catholics and Lutherans on Baptism, Eucharist, Priesthood

In a comment elsewhere, someone wondered about differences between Catholics and Lutherans.  HERE I cannot go into deep detail about these differences.  Books can be written about each point, and have been. Here are my lunch break reflections while the … Read More

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What Did The Pope Really Say… about Lutherans and Communion?

Here we go again. Pope Francis has offered some confusing observations about the possibility of Lutherans receiving Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. I’m getting email… angry… alarmed… confused… sad… above all demoralized. Edward Pentin has the best press breakdown … Read More

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KC, MO: anti-Catholic atrocity scheduled before Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

When anti-Catholic atrocities take place, Catholic bishops should act. I read in the Kansas City Star (a McClatchy paper), that some “Lutherans” are going to host a sacrilegious, fake catholic “ordination” of a woman by the usual wymyn suspects.  HERE  It … Read More

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Lutheran Ordinariate coming?

Vatican Insider has something today about some Lutherans who are getting nervous about the Holy Father establishing an Ordinariate for Lutherans, along the lines of that which he established for Anglicans. “A Lutheran ordinariate? That’s a bad sign” An ordinariate … Read More

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Lutheran Ordinariate?

Could there be an Ordinariate for former Lutherans in a way similar to those for former Anglicans? It is hard for me to see how. Perhaps it could be possible. From CWN: The president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting … Read More

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The Pope, The Pill, and the Renewed Babylonian Captivity of the Church

Robert Mickens has shared the angst of his publication The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill) about a piece of clothing.  Not just any clothing, papal clothing. Pope Benedict, Yes, Benedict XVI wore over his choir dress a stole decorated with … Read More

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Lutherans becoming Catholics

From the National Catholic Register with my emphases: Increasing Number of Lutherans are Coming into the Catholic Church BY Tim Drake One of the most under-reported religious stories of the past decade has been the movement of Lutherans across the … Read More

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