UPDATE – Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ – R.I.P.

UPDATE 3 Sept 202 15:12 CDT

I checked the page of the Midwest Province of the Jesuits.   Fr. Mankowski did pass away.


The family says that he died at 1PM CDT.  In other words, just minutes after I finished saying Mass for him.

The Postcommunio of the Mass “for the sick, close to death” (Pro infirmo qui proximus est morti) says:


Quaesumus clementiam tuam, omnipotens Deus, ut per huius virtutem sacramenti famulum tuum gratia tua confirmare digneris: ut in hora mortis eius non praevaleat contra eum adversarius; sed cum Angelis tuis transitum habere mereatur ad vitam.

We beseech your mercy, Almighty God, that you might deign by your grace to strengthen your servant though the might of this sacrament: so that in the hour of his death, the Adversary will not prevail against him; but rather that he will with your Angels merit to have his crossing over into life.

A few minutes after I prayer that at Mass, Fr. Mankowski had his crossing.

Originally posted Sep 2, 2020 at 22:46

A fine priest and great scholar, a true Jesuit, Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, has died of a brain aneurysm….  is still alive.

I was hearing conflicting reports, so I called the Midwest Province of the Jesuits and got the straight information.  Father had a brain aneurysm.  He is, as I write, on life support and the prognosis is effectively without question.  While we never rule out God’s intervening hand, we have to prepare for bad news pretty soon.

This means that he can receive the Sacrament of Anointing – Extreme Unction – and the Apostolic Pardon.   That… my friends… is grace.

A subitanea et improvisa morte, libera nos Domine!

I will celebrate Holy Mass today, Thursday 3 Sept, for Fr. Mankowski using the form Pro Infirmo qui proximus est morti.

I am so sorry about his all-too-soon – foreseeable – death. Fr. Mankowski was – is – an unreal scholar. As a matter of fact, he contributed an important essay to the important book   Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church – US HERE – UK HERE.  This is one of the best defense of marriage there is.

Here is a video from February of Fr. Mankowski.


Fr. Mankowski wrote a review of James Martin’s pro-homosexual book.  HERE

In his usual razor style, Paul cut to the chase in the first line:

Is sodomy a sin? Perplexed readers of Fr. James Martin, S.J.’s latest book will want to put the question to him, if only to understand why he felt it important to write at all.

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  1. Fr. Kelly says:

    Eternal rest grant unto him,O Lord.And let perpetual light shine upon him.
    May he rest in peace.

    A true son of St. Ignatius.

  2. Fr. Kelly says:

    He will be missed.

  3. Elaine Vaccaro says:

    “The Lord has never given us and will not give us all the saints we wish. He will give us all the saints we need.”

    R.I.P. Fr. Mankowski

  4. tho says:

    Mat he Rest In Peace, a bright light in a very dark world.

  5. Fr. Kelly says:

    I am grateful to have one more day, at least, to pray for him among the living.
    St. Gregory the Great, Pray for him.
    St. Pius X, Pray for him.

  6. NOCatholic says:

    Since Fr Mankowski is still alive as of this post, my prayers are for his healing, in this life or the next.

    I read his review of Fr James Martin’s book, including that first line Fr Z quoted. Then I found Fr Martin’s reply in First Things “Letters” section. Fr Martin managed to respond to the question by a complete deflection. So we still don’t know if he thinks sodomy is a sin.

  7. Fr. Kelly says:

    This thread is about a good friend, Fr. Paul Mankowski, who has fought the good fight and finished the race.

    If you feel the need to comment on Fr. Martin and what you want us to think his position on homosexuality is, could you please take it to one of the several threads about him?
    Our host has given us plenty of opportunities to comment on that other Jesuit.

  8. NOCatholic says:

    My apologies, Fr Kelly, I was only following a thought that Fr Z started with his comment about Fr Mankowski’s book review.

    Fr Paul Mankowski, RIP

  9. acardnal says:

    While doing some bible study today using the “Didache Bible,” RSVCE, by Ignatius Press, I noted that the Rev. Paul Mankowski, SJ, PhD, was on the editorial board!

    May he be with God.

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