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Pope Francis: Peace which is not tranquility.

In his daily, non-Magisterial of-the-cuff fervorino Pope Francis said this (remember, the Vatican doesn’t give us everything – they cut it up into little snippets they deem important and thus take everything out of context… I digress): […] “Jesus was full of … Read More

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What Did The “Poverello” Really Say?

On the Feast of St. Francis, Patron of Italy, Pope Francis went to Assisi. During one talk he clarified that the “peace” with which St. Francis is often associated is “not something saccharine“. To the dismay of LCWR keynote speakers … Read More

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7 Sept – Day of Prayer & Fasting: What Did The Pope Really Say? Fr. Z offers suggestions.

From a reader: The Holy Father has declared that next Saturday, September 7th, will be a day of prayer and fast for peace, for the whole Church. Do you think that, particularly as far as fast is concerned, that means … Read More

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What does “justice and peace” really mean?

People toss the phrase “justice and peace” around. Biretta tip to Phil Lawler of Catholic World News for a great catch.  He noted something interesting about “justice and peace” in a speech Pope Benedict XVI gave to members of the … Read More

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