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After 15 years man emerges from ‘permanent vegetative state’

At LifeSite I read a story about a man who emerged from a Permanent or Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) after 15 years.  It is a remarkable story, which merits to be more widely known. I’ve been writing about PVS for … Read More

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“Brain death” apparently not so dead as some would like

Be sure to read what I have posted in the past about PVS patients, people in a “Persistent Vegetative State”.  HERE Especially, I urge you to look at this article. Read everything and THINK about end of life decisions. And remember… … Read More

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Man in “coma” cries when he hears fiance’s voice on the phone

With a tip of the biretta to CMR: A young man who’s been in a coma for a months started crying when his parents put the phone to his ear so he could hear his fiance. Wow. This is pretty … Read More

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Patients in Persistent Vegetative State can communicate

Some years ago I wrote an article for The Wanderer about nutrition and hydration of patients in a persistent vegetative state.  I urge you to look at that article.  Also look at what the CDF has to say about care … Read More

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