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When truth is stranger than fiction: a “reverse ordinariate”!

Quite a while ago I proposed that Anglican Archbp. Rowan Williams issue a document entitled Romanum coetibus with provisions for Catholics who think and behave like Anglicans.  By means of Romanum coetibus, a safe haven in the very loose Anglican embrace … Read More

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Peruvian Archbp. during presidential elections: voting for abortion supporter is a mortal sin

From CNA with my emphases and comments: CNA STAFF, Feb 17, 2011 / 03:54 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Javier del Rio Alba of Arequipa, Peru recently clarified that “voting for a candidate who supports abortion is a mortal sin.” [Not much … Read More

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Peru’s Card. Cipriani speaking out again

I have written before about the Lion of Lima, His Eminence Juan Luis Card. Cipriani Thorne.  This from CNA: Cardinal Cipriani reminds State of duty to protect life from moment of conception Lima, Peru, Oct 29, 2009 / 11:38 am … Read More

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Card. Cipriani again! Lord of Miracles: protect unborn, families

First, let’s go over the NCR and look for this story there.  After all… who else but they bring you Catholic news? Looking… looking… nope.  Not there. From CNA comes the following by a growing fav with WDTPRS, Card. Cirpriani … Read More

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Card. Cipriani again! Communion on the tongue, kneeling. “Our souls are at stake.”

Remember the story from 23 August about Cardinal Cipriani in Lima, Peru? Cardinal Cipriani wants a communion plate or paten to be used reception on the tongue kneeling Now comes this 30 September from a reader in Peru: Dear Father … Read More

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