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Benedict XVI: last Pope of old era or first of the next?

I’m reading the Italian edition of Pope Benedict’s book-long interview with German journalist Peter Seewald.  I’m jumping around a bit and I ran across an interesting section.  Here is my on the fly translation from the Italian (not from the … Read More

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Benedict XVI “walked through the ferocious pack of media dogs without losing his composure”

Read this whole thing. From CNA comes this about the Pope’s visit to Germany. A highlight: “(D)amage to the Church comes not from her opponents but from uncommitted Christians.” And also, “The Pope gave appropriate directions. The fate of the … Read More

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Once again, the key passage

Here once again is the key passage on the subject in the book, “Light of the World: The Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times,” when Seewald asks the pope whether it was “madness to forbid a high-risk … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL on Pope Benedict’s interview

Here is a couple quick WDTPRS poll: Please give your reasons in the combox.

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WSJ Opinion piece about the book interview with Pope Benedict

The Wall Street Journal has an article by Francis X. Rocca about Light of the World, the book-length interview with Benedict XVI. I wouldn’t really call this piece a “review” of the book.  It is more an opinion piece and … Read More

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A good clarification about the Pope’s comment on condoms

Here is a CNS story by fellow Minnesotan John Thavis with my emphases and comments. Vatican clarifies pope’s reference to ‘male prostitute’ in condoms comment Posted on November 23, 2010 by John Thavis VATICAN CITY — When Pope Benedict commented … Read More

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L’Osservatore Romano as origin of the maelstrom: Ed Peters opines

The respected, clear-thinking canonist Ed Peters of In the Light of the Law has offered a blistering assessment of the role of the Vatican’s daily L’Osservatore Romano in regard to the latest in a string of media screw-ups. My emphases … Read More

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An analysis of crisis in the Church and society, a portrait of the Pope.

Benedict’s XVI’s new book-length interview is coming. From the Catholic Herald we have an interview with the papal interviewer: Peter Seewald: ‘I know of few young people so alive, so curious and so modern as the Pope’ [Fascinating.] The German … Read More

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