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Papyrus fragment gone wild!

Remember the ridiculous “Mrs. Jesus” papyrus fragment flap? L’Osservatore Romano, taking a break from commentary on The Simpsons, has offered a view.  This time, however, the editor, they seem to be on target. A papyrus adrift “Harvard scholar’s discovery suggests … Read More

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Fit to be “Untied”

Now people in the USA can all the more easily read about Homer Simpson:

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More on the one-world-government “white paper” from Pont. Council for Justice and Peace

Over at Chiesa, there is a piece about the new, confused “white paper”, as I prefer to call it, from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Too Much Confusion. Bertone Puts the Curia Under Lock and Key The document … Read More

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L’Osservatore Romano is going for baroque. Now about that … content.

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The challenges of moving from print to digital

From Catholic Culture comes this.  My emphases: Vatican newspaper: reflections on future of Catholic publishing In an essay that appeared in the June 6-7 edition of L’Osservatore Romano, the director of the Madrid-based Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos reflected upon the … Read More

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Editor of L’Osservatore Romano cured as a child by the intercession of St. Pius X

If you don’t ask for miracles, miracles won’t be granted. At Palazzo Apostolico of Paolo Rodari there is a story that the present editor of the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano was healed when he was little through the intercession of … Read More

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“It seemed like a good idea at the time….” – the new John Paul II “statue” in Rome

I was dying to find out the reaction to the new “statue” of John Paul II near Rome’s train station.  It is, in my opinion, horrendous.  In the pages of the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano there is a short blurb … Read More

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REVIEW: L’Osservatore Romano’s new website and online editions

UPDATE: 20 April The new L’Osservatore Romano site is working better today, though it is still clunky and a bit hard to navigate. I was able to bring up the PDF of today’s daily. One curiosity:   They fuzzed out the … Read More

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L’Osservatore Romano: criticizing the questioners

If you haven’t yet seen this, you will want to hop over and have a look at Sandro Magister‘s always useful place. In this case, Magister presents the back-to-back responses in the Vatican’s semi-official daily L’Osservatore Romano to two theologians … Read More

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L’Osservatore Romano as origin of the maelstrom: Ed Peters opines

The respected, clear-thinking canonist Ed Peters of In the Light of the Law has offered a blistering assessment of the role of the Vatican’s daily L’Osservatore Romano in regard to the latest in a string of media screw-ups. My emphases … Read More

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Vatican’s top 10 albums for a desert island (not making this up, I swear)

I wonder if this list was vetted by Pope Benedict… from the increasingly weird L’Osservatore Romano, via CNA: ‘Thriller’ makes Vatican list of top 10 albums Vatican City, Feb 19, 2010 / 12:36 pm (CNA).- The Holy See’s newspaper has … Read More

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“Vatican Tempests. The Academy for Life Puts Its Neck on the Line”

Everyone… read this.  I just finished it on the Italian site and then found it in English. This is about the civil war in the Pontifical Academy for Life over remarks made by Archbp. Rino Fisichella about a case of … Read More

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L’Osservatore Romano trying to redeem itself before Pres. Obama’s visit? Taking aim at the President?

As you know, L’Osservatore Romano embarrassed itself and the Holy See several times in the last couple months either through direction by the Secretariat of State, or extreme Euro-naivete, or both, as it helped grease the skids for a meeting … Read More

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Ed Peter’s takes L’Osservatore to the woodshed

Ed Peter’s of In The Light Of The Law has correctly understood a burning issue of our day. L’OR and the Loss of Reason For most of my life L’Osservatore Romano has been a sleepy Roman rag that arrived weeks … Read More

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Michael Novak rightly vents about L’Osservatore Romano

In National Review Online Michael Novak vents about the recent "Westpolitik" blunderings of L’Osservatore Romano. My emphases and comments. May 26, 2009, 4:00 a.m. All the Confusion Fit to PrintThe paper disappoints. By Michael Novak For several weeks now, L’Osservatore … Read More

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Rodari interviews Vian on what he is up to with L’Osservatore Romano

It has been hard to explain why in the page of L’Osservatore Romano we have seen sch poor judgment about the case of Notre Dame and Pres. Obama. Notre Dame chose to bestow an honor on the most pro-abortion President … Read More

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L’Osservatore Romano… what the…?!?

Many…many.. of you are asking me via e-mail what one earth is wrong with L’Osservatore Romano. The Vatican’s newspaper published a decidedly dopey article on the visit of President Obama to Notre Dame. The singularly grossest aspect of the decidedly … Read More

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