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IRS bullying of conservatives and pro-lifers

Biretta tip to the pro-life blog of Jill Stanek (who recently linked to me, so I am returning the favor!). As you know, the IRS has been targeting and harassing conservatives. I wouldn’t be surprised if this came from the … Read More

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50 years ago today… where were you?

Fifty years ago today, a guy crawled up on top of an 70+ foot high Roman candle knowing that someone would light the fuse and blow him into space riding something called “Freedom 7”. In April 1961 the Bay of … Read More

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Amerika Magazine gets it wrong again

The Jesuit editors of Amerika Magazine have little clarity about both recent American history or sound theology.  This is obvious from their editorial in the 22 June issue. Be prepared for some bad writing here.  They are getting worse. Now … Read More

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