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Wherein Fr. Z reacts to a seminarian’s “cri de coeur”

I have written quite a few times here that – in this time of erosion and reversal in the Church – young priests and seminarians will increasingly be exposed to the sort of thing we older guys had to endure … Read More

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Triumphant Renovationism – the ironic hypocrisy of the ‘c’atholic left

I am not a daily reader of Rod Dreher. However, today I was directed by someone to read something he wrote about a Russian Orthodox reacting to what we Catholics are doing. Let’s see.  My emphases and comments. […] Looking around for … Read More

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If Fishwrap and modernist Jesuits had their way…

Writers for the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) and Amerika type Jesuits want us to become like these forward-looking, progressives whom they so idolize. This was sent by a friend.  Here’s a smattering with my emphases and comments. From American Conservative: Spin Of The Year [Accompanied … Read More

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Dreher: “Pope Francis only confirms my decision to leave” the Catholic Church. A HARD look at where we are.

There is an intense piece by Rod Dreher over at TIME.  The whole thing is worth a close look, but here are some longish samples. NB: While I disagree with Dreher’s decision to leave the Catholic Church, I sure understand … Read More

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Is Benedict XVI a “better Pope” than John Paul II? A couple views and then Fr. Z really rants.

The Holy Spirit probably does not choose Popes.  As Joseph Ratzinger explained before his own election, the Holy Spirit guides the choice of a Pope, or a Council for that matter, so that we don’t inflict irreparable damage on ourselves. … Read More

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“How does Benedict fix this mess?”…. Can he “fix” it?

John XXIII, when confronted by problems, at a certain point famously said, "Sometimes I just kneel down and say, Lord, it’s your Church, I am going to bed".  Much of what is going on today involves Christ being crucified once … Read More

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