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ASK FATHER: “Any tips about a Last Rites “kit”?”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: As part of my Lenten practices, I’m trying to seriously keep before my mind, on a daily basis, the fact that eventually I will die. As you yourself often say, we should practice dying well and … Read More

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Sick-Call Sets and You

From a reader… Hello Father, Old time follower here (chat room and bird feeders at Sabine Farm). Thought you might find this picture interesting. I’m a cradle Catholic in my 70s and I just unpacked these from old family boxes. … Read More

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Illness, Sick Call Sets, Anointing and You

I recently went to a family home to anoint a fellow who is seriously ailing. They participate regularly in the Extraordinary Form at the parish where I help out and so I took my old Roman Ritual (the rite is … Read More

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