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If you want peace, DEFEND LIFE!

There are rumors floating around about a restructuring of the Roman Curia, and a document which would replace Pastor bonus (will it be called”Mercenarius malus“?). Something in an article in CNA (HERE) that caught, and disturbed, my eye. The draft … Read More

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What do the buzz words “social justice” mean?

Here is a note from Jonah Goldberg.

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Acton U 2014: Day 1

The day began for some of us with Holy Mass in the older, traditional Roman Rite. Breakfast is being consumed. Interesting line up today including talks on social justice, freedom of conscience, biblical theology of law. UPDATE: Getting Social Justice … Read More

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Abortion/Right-to-Life: NOT a women’s rights issue

For years I have been saying that abortion/right-to-life is the social justice issue of our day, the civil-rights issue, the human rights issue. Liberals shove the unborn to the back of the bus while nattering about all manner of other “social … Read More

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Amy Sullivan on Jonathan Reyes

We have seen Amy Sullivan before. Among other things, Amy Sullivan was a legislative assistant to pro-abortion Catholic, former Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD).  She is as politically partisan as you can get. This time Sullivan, with The New Republic as … Read More

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Abortion: the paramount social justice issue

One of the greatest victories of the pro-abortion crowd, even Catholics in the pro-abortion crowd, is to divorce abortion from other social justice issues. Abortion must be the social justice issue. This is from CNS, with my emphases. It goes … Read More

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One of the best blog post titles I have ever seen

Why isn’t abortion the Catholic Social Justice issue? Before I go on to my point, you might want to look at this.  It is heavy fuel: Response to America Magazine’s Editorial “Community of Disciples” (22 June 2009) As you reflect … Read More

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