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ACTION ITEM! Prayers for the late Fr. Augustin Toshio Ikeda, chaplain of Traditional Latin Mass in Tokyo

Dear readers, I earnestly request your prayers for the repose of the soul of a great priest, extremely important to his flock in Japan, Fr. Augustin Toship Ikeda. I met Fr. Ikeda during my last trip to Tokyo, in January. … Read More

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TOKYO – Day 4-8: Woodblocks, Chow and Fuji

The adventure to Tokyo has wrapped up, and the long flight home endured. I thought some of you might like a few more images. First, I am a bit of a sucker for Tokyo subway posters. I marvel at them. … Read More

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TOKYO – Day 1-3: Feeding soul and body

Elsewhere I said that I was in Tokyo. I’m still in Tokyo. I am here with a great group of guys for some R&R. On the evening of my arrival, one of the key figures of Una Voce Japan graciously met … Read More

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“Keep calm and carry on!”

I enjoyed my visits to Tokyo immensely.  Especially fun was coming up with captions for the public safety posters in the subway. For example: Not to be outdone, LA has this safety video. Note that the other passenger looks down … Read More

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Tokyo – Day 4: Kabuki, shrine, sushi and Caption Call

For the last full day in Tokyo, let’s start out with another great subway PSA. Caption call!   Yesterday was Sumo wrestling.  Today, Kabuki. In the Kabukiza, Ginza.  Photos were not allowed during the performance itself. Inside. We went for … Read More

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Tokyo – Day 3: Edo and Sumo and CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday

I enjoy the subway PSA’s… this one needs a caption. I caught a few minutes of the Holy Father’s visit to St. Patrick’s.  My good friend Fr. Murray is one of the commentators.  Alas, rainy Tokyo.  From my window you … Read More

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TOKYO – Day 2: Noodles, barriers, and prizes

Today we found ramen. Ramen here is nothing like what you might find in packets in grocery stores. It is an entirely different creature. And there are seemingly infinite varieties. When you stop at a good ramen shop, there is … Read More

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TOKYO – Day 1: Of flames and fish

I am on vacation, so I am not paying huge attention to the papal visit.  That’s what vacation is for, right? Tokyo. Since my hosts and traveling companions are foodies, we are exploring traditional foods along with the wonders of … Read More

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