“Keep calm and carry on!”

I enjoyed my visits to Tokyo immensely.  Especially fun was coming up with captions for the public safety posters in the subway.

For example:

Not to be outdone, LA has this safety video.

Note that the other passenger looks down at the dismembered body, steps over the detached arm, and gets on the train.

One person on Twitter responded to me, “the very essence of keep calm and carry on”.



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  1. Vincent says:

    As someone who works for the railway; there are two things that really get to me on the railway. One is standing over the yellow line. At my local station, most fast trains go through at 125 mph. Stand too close to the edge and say goodbye. But people are weirdly ignorant of the dangers. Why would you stand there and take the risk?

    The second one is people boarding the train before others have got off. In the UK it is illegal to do so, but do people do it? Yea. Argh!

  2. JonPatrick says:

    In the UK was even worse in the days of the “slam door” carriages, where riders opened the doors themselves, and would sometimes do so as the train was rolling into the station so they could be first off. If you were standing too close to the platform edge you could be taken out by an open door. Good thing that this was in the days before people had their nose constantly buried in an iPhone.

  3. Scraps says:

    Here in Australia our rail service ran this hilarious clip, to great effect, entitled “Dump ways to die” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw

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