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Nebraska parish going “ad orientem”

Unless and until we get our act together regarding sacred liturgical worship, no initiative we undertake in the Church at any level will bear the fruits we hope for. We need widespread, generous use of the older, traditional form of … Read More

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Our Lady of Fatima and worship ‘ad orientem’

For a while, in preparation for talk, I’ve been reviewing the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. I noticed something interesting. Say that you are waiting for someone really important to arrive, perhaps someone you love.  You watch in the … Read More

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Ad orientem in Cologne’s great Cathedral

One of our frequent and long-time commentators here, Henry Edwards, sent some screenshots of the Holy Mass celebrated by Rainer Card. Woelki at the spectacular Cathedral of Cologne’s high altar (i.e., the real altar, the grown-up altar, the main altar) for … Read More

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Brick By Brick – Altar By Altar: Turning again to the liturgical East again

In my email today I had more than one note about pastors shifting their sanctuaries to ad orientem worship. One note said: Starting this week, our Table altar is going into storage and all Masses at our parish will be ad orientem … Read More

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“People, Look East (except the priest)!”

Our Official Parodohymnodist, Fr. Tim Ferguson, has come through with a veritable scitament, a new version of an Advent hymn which most of you will recognize. To the hymn: People Look East 1. People, look east except the priest, The reform has … Read More

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