O frabjous day! They are BACK!

I buried the lead:

Twinkies!  They’re baaaaack!

As you know, they went off the shelves some months ago, a dark day for civilization.

As I have written before, I never cared much for Twinkies, but I was irritated that I couldn’t any longer buy them had I wanted to.  I was also disappointed that this limitation of my civil rights was caused by union problems.

I was so hoping that the recipe would be picked up by the Mexican company “Bimbo” (no… really… Twinkies by Bimbo… think about it).

Now it seems that Twinkies are back.  Alas, they are now politically correct.  They are, according to news accounts, smaller and less caloric!  O tempora!

Apparently, New Twinkies are 270 calories for two twinkies and weigh 77 grams (for those of you in Columbia Heights that’s 135 calories and 38.5 grams for one twink). I am sure you remember that before the dark days of dearth began, a single twinkie was 150 calories. Photos of boxes in the past reveal that the weight of one Twinkie was 42.5. Get it? 42.5 v. 38.5?

Will New Twinkies go the way of New Coke?

We must verify their presence in the grocery store.

Send photos if you wish.

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  1. Priam1184 says:

    I’ve seen cases of them in Wal-Mart

  2. Andrew says:

    Will it be possible to purchase more than one twinkie per person in the city of New York?

  3. Priam1184 says:

    And can you pass along to the boys at Mystic Monk that something is wrong with their website; it won’t let me choose a shipping method so I can’t order my coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [Try logging out of your account and then logging back in. If that doesn’t work, contact them right away and directly! They will help you.]

  4. Maxiemom says:

    I read last week that WalMart got the scoop on the reintro and had them on the shelves last Friday. Once again, the big box wins.

  5. The Masked Chicken says:

    “They are, according to news accounts, smaller and less caloric!”

    Amazingly, however, they probably cost the same or even more than before :(

    The Chicken

  6. StJude says:

    I can report that yesterday I was at kroger and there were no twinkee’s.
    The eagle has not landed in suburban Indianapolis.


  7. acardnal says:

    I wonder if they are still legal in Bloomberg’s NYC?

  8. yatzer says:

    StJude, how odd, since I saw a couple of Bimbo’s delivery trucks last week. They made me laugh, and I thought surely Twinkies would be restored by now.

    [Pace St. Benedict: A pair of Bimbo trucks does not a Twinkie make.]

  9. RobW says:

    “(no… really… Twinkies by Bimbo… think about it)”?? Didnt need that image, thanks. And in an earlier blog about a recipe you compared zucchinis to “abortions”…instantly lost my appetite, thanks again. Just because it comes to our mind doesnt mean we have to say it or write it. Your still awesome.

  10. APX says:

    I’ve actually seen them on the shelves here in Western Canada for a few months now.

  11. acardnal says:

    That photo of the Twinkie cut in half is driving me nuts!

  12. Adam Welp says:

    I can confirm that Wal-Mart did indeed have them this weekend as I picked up a box on Saturday here in New Albany, Indiana. I have, what some would call, a “junk food problem” and was sad when Hostess went bankrupt. I was glad to see them back on the shelves this weekend. Time will tell how well the new company and new products work out. My initial thoughts: the new Twinkies have a slightly sweeter taste and tasted a tiny bit more salty than the pre-bankruptcy version.

  13. Philemon says:

    I heard they were available at Walmart on Saturday so we went and after searching high and low we finally found them. In fact, another shopper was at the display and kindly handed us the box.

    Like Fr., I rarely buy Twinkees but was really irritated that I could not do so anymore.

    My impression, no measurement involved, is that they are longer and thinner than in the past. My wife, kids and I all thought they were delicious. One of my kids is not much into sweets but ever he really like them. Speaking for myself, I thought they were better than I remembered.

    I had one right before writing this comment. Still great.

    That will probably be the last box I buy for several years. Commercial bakeries are in a tough business, no?

  14. Philemon says:

    Oh, one more thing. One of my boys had just gone to a youth event at my parish on Friday. They served Twinkee substitutes as the real thing hadn’t yet made it back to the shelves. They all disappeared in 30 minutes, so they can’t have been that bad. Still, my son rhapsodized about the real Twinkee and said that the substitutes were (my words) just pale imitations.

  15. tzard says:

    I can now make twinkie faux sushi again.

  16. Evelyn Stell says:

    I am a UK reader. Please, what is a twinkie?

  17. Evelyn: This is classic Americana. HERE

    Surely there is some iconic sweet product in England everyone grew up eating that would be entirely unknown to Americans.

    Perhaps something along the lines of Cadbury Mini Rolls?

    To my taste, eating a Twinkie is like having a swig of Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

  18. The Masked Chicken says:

    I found this information particularly interesting:

    “Twinkie cream gets its slippery sheen from cotton cellulose, which serves the same purpose in rocket fuel.”

    The Chicken

  19. Adam Welp says:

    Thanks Father, now I’m having diabetic coma day dreams: twinkies covered in Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

  20. Adam Welp says:

    Edit: the above should say deep fried twinkies covered in Lyle’s Golden Syrup

  21. kford says:

    Calloo! Callay!

  22. Can I just take a moment to be completely childish and say…”yay!”

    That is good news of the sweet tooth kind. :-)

    Now about Twinkies by “Bimbo”…. LOL – that was funny.

    Will keep an eye out the next time I am in the store. I too was sad when they went down – not that I eat Twinkies as a general role, but every now and then, one must have such a good old American classic!

  23. dianecee says:

    Woah! Finally, something to be happy about! So good to laugh! Really enjoy your blog, Father!

  24. dianecee says:

    Hey, when did everybody start spelling YEA… YAY????

  25. kat says:

    Kroger had signs about their return, and last week they had the Twinkies and Cupcakes. I am thoroughly annoyed because the sign had a picture of everything that was coming back, and there were NO DING DONGS!! Why did everyone cry about losing Twinkies, but no one stood up with me about Ding Dongs?? Where are all the chocolate lovers? I bought the Twinkies but they are in the freezer because we had other desserts to finish too, and because I wasn’t that excited about Twinkies. But we will eat them soon.

  26. FranzJosf says:

    I switched to Little Debbie Cloud Cakes when Twinkies were discontinued and became a convert to True Tastiness. I’ll be staying with Little Debbie; in fact, “I’d rather fight than switch.” [Remember that blast from the past?]

  27. Bea says:

    Hey, when did everybody start spelling YEA… YAY????

    When it stopped being a vote and became a cheer.

    No twinkles at my Walmart. Either they ran out or they figured our Mexican community wouldn’t know the difference and sent their twinkles to a more “American Walmart” area.

  28. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Kat – I think they said that Ho-Hos, Sno-Balls, and several other Hostess products are coming back soonish, in the fall and winter. There’ll be a few more products out this summer, too.

  29. Torpedo1 says:

    I’m with you about the cupcakes and the Ding-Dongs. Where’s my chocolate? I like Twinkies well enough, but they aren’t my favorite. Personally, I’d rather find a homemade recipe for them and eat that. I do hope though, that they still retain that hint of lemon they used to have. Zest, it’s the way to go people. Also, I used to be a Ho-Hos fan, but my fiancé insisted Swis Cake rolls were better. I tried one and, he was right. More cake and less waxy feeling. yup, I knew there was a reason I’m marrying him.

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