“Non habemus Papam!”, tonight, but “Habebimus flava hyperdulcia crustula spongiosa!”

Conclave?  Smoke? Pfft.  Here’s big news!

From ABC:

ABC News’ Aaron Katersky reports:

Buyout firms Apollo Global Management, LLC and Metropoulos & Co. have agreed to purchase the Hostess and Dolly Madison cake brands, including Twinkies.  The iconic snacks have been off the market since Hostess closed its plants in November and declared bankruptcy after its unions went on strike.

The proposed transaction includes the brands, five bakeries, and certain equipment for $410 million. The transaction requires US Bankruptcy Court approval. A hearing to consider approval of the sale will take place on March 19.  [The Feast of St. Joseph, when by custom Romans eat special pastries in honor of the saint.]


There’s more, for you Ho Ho fans.  Read it there.

I was sort of hoping that the Mexican company would buy this up.  Think of it… Bimbo Twinkies.  It kinda keeps the “hostess” theme going.

I didn’t like Twinkies when we could buy them.  When I couldn’t buy them… that’s when I wanted to.  Not to eat, of course… but to store up against TEOTWAWKI.

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  1. acardnal says:

    That’s right. March 19 is a Solemnity! I can eat cake even tho’ it’s Lent.

  2. The Sicilian Woman says:

    But…but…there’s no mention of Hostess’ orange cupcakes that I held so dear. The world has been a crueler place without them.

    The hearing being on the Feast of St. Joseph gives me a reason to hope. (Hmm. Perhaps our new Pope will be chosen that day.)

  3. NBW says:

    I think I will stick to the traditional Zeppole for St. Joseph’s Day. The restaurants that deep fry their Twinkies are probably relieved hearing that bit of news.

  4. OrthodoxChick says:

    I’m with NBW. Since St. Joseph’s/the 19th doesn’t fall on a Friday, sign me up for a Zeppole too!
    Now somebody PLEASE tell me that the 19th is not an ember day. I don’t have the EF calendar to keep track.

  5. Eriugena says:

    Father, I saw you on Irish TV earlier today, when they zoomed in on the people under the rooftop shelter where you were. I hope you’re eating properly, so you can comment for us all when Pius XIII’s white smoke goes up!

  6. albinus1 says:

    hyperdulcia?! Eek! [Heh heh… my work here is done!] Please, no mixing of Greek and Latin elements in compounds. That has given us the verbal Chimaeras of “television” and “homosexual”. Q.E.D.!

    superdulcia would work, or, all Greek, hyperglyceia. Or, since the comparative and superlative in Latin can be used absolutely (the comparison being implied), dulciora or dulcissima would work. Q.D.T.N.: Quid diceret Tullius noster?

    Granted, Vergil (Georgics 2. 69-72) says, of grafting:
    inseritur vero et fetu nucis arbutus horrida,
    et steriles platani malos gessere valentis;
    castaneae fagus, ornusque incanuit albo
    flore piri, glandemque sues fregere sub ulmis.

    But, pace Vergilius noster, these bizarre grafts are generally regarded as examples of adunata, and should remain that way. ;-)

  7. Father, are you quite sure Twinkies may not bring on TEOTWAWKI? The very acronym looks a bit Twinkie-ish: TEOTWINKIE.
    Jus’ sayin’…
    PS. And it’s a short step from there to THEOTWINKIE, which has even more interesting implications.
    Ignosce nuganti

  8. A German in France says:

    There are some mysteries for me in the 2.0 world. So I try to adapt myself to this virtual world. For this evening, I am very glad to have a response to my “log in” ! I had tried before, but with no replica ! Besides, I originate (my “Heimat” is) from the the very near spot of the village which has aroused (with his parents, of course), Georg Gänswein. That’s in the Black Forest. Our Good Lord blesses Georg Gänswein ! That’s not in this Conclave I think, but the next (si Dieu le veut), that Georg Gänswein could bring up all the good things staying on tradition, family, and roots.

    God’s Hopes on You, Father Zuhlsdorf, be one of the assistants of Gänswein! For me, I am one of your followers since a few months. Besides : what do you think about Meister Eckhart?

  9. A German in France says:

    We don’t have specific food for St Joseph in France or in Germany. Besides, in France, we have a medicinal herb called by some people “St Joseph” which means “Herb of the carpenters” : Common yarrow, Achillea millefolium. It stops bleeding and recovering from wounds.

  10. A German in France says:

    That’s not “aroused”, but “raised”. Please correct my errors.

  11. inexcels says:

    Twinkies are being revived? Finally some good news for a change.

  12. Katylamb says:

    I never cared for Twinkies. However, I have been very fond of Raspberry Zingers and was sad to see them go. I saw no mention of them in the article. I wish they’d bring them back. :)

  13. kat says:

    Am I the ONLY one in this whole group who is missing the DING DONGS???? The heck with twinkies! I want my chocolate cream filled ding dongs!!!!

    : )

  14. NoraLee9 says:

    I am walking distance of a Hostess Factory. This is truly good news.

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