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From the dadaist dreamworld of the Fishwrap 

From the dadaist dreamworld of the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) comes these two skubala… sorry, scoops.   (Same thing depending on context.) First, get your mind around this piece – from March so it is exactly a scoop in the … Read More

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CRITICAL UPDATE!! LCWR Empowerment Moment

Over at Sancte Pater I found what must have been the next frame, or photo, shot after the one I posted HERE. You might remember the photo.  The new prez, or co-mentor, or whatever she is called, between two women … Read More

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National catholic Cage-Liner

Vincenzo, at Sancte Pater, had a little fun with the Fishwrap today (aka National catholic Reporter). You can’t make up stuff like this. He saw one of NCR‘s tweets: And so…. The great Vincenzo comes through again! But then, they … Read More

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