CRITICAL UPDATE!! LCWR Empowerment Moment

Over at Sancte Pater I found what must have been the next frame, or photo, shot after the one I posted HERE.

You might remember the photo.  The new prez, or co-mentor, or whatever she is called, between two women with short hair dressed in what look the chasubles appropriate for worship of Gaia, stands with her upturned hands held out.

Vincenzo found the next shot in the photo series.

Who knew?

I suppose the accompanying acolytes are taking her into custody for deprogramming.  Sister obviously has gotten into the wrong books!

You might visit Vincenzo’s online store for his Pius Clocks.  They are great!

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  1. dochm13 says:


  2. Elizabeth D says:

    I’m sure she is grateful! Fr Z readers’ generosity has effects no one would ever have guessed at! This help with their faith formation cannot come too soon, since the highly reasonable and measured commentator Dr Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture is now proclaiming that it’s time for LCWR to lose their Catholic status.

    Speaking of which, I want to thank again the readers of this blog that generously bought Bibles for my catechism students, especially one good woman who bought several. Also the drawstring backpacks. All the items arrived. May God reward you. I have enough now! I will have the children pray for their benefactors.

    By the way, some wonderful diocese of Madison seminarians I spoke with today at church alluded to Fr Z readers’ book generosity and it is clear they appreciate it!

  3. Norah says:

    What has the length of the women’s hair got to do with anything ?

    [We are, therefore, able to see the collar of the weird vestments, as I pointed out in the other post. Why? What does it mean to you?]

  4. LeslieL says:

    You know, I’ve had a bad week – and it’s only Tuesday. This made me laugh out loud! It is brilliant – and thank you!

  5. Per Signum Crucis says:

    That is indeed nifty photoshopping… Perhaps the ‘chasubles’ next?!

  6. FrAnt says:

    What you cannot see is the “Communist Manifesto” in her pocket. I hear that was the gift for going to the conference. They will receive in the mail a copy of Saul Alyinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” It has to be mailed because the publisher is having a hard time keeping stores stocked. You know with the government ordering it for all its employees it is hard to keep up.

  7. Pastor Bonus says:

    Everything that is wrong with the LCWR summed up in one photo.

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