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30 June: Proto-martyrs of Rome

In 412 St. Augustine was preaching on the meaning of a psalm in the city of Carthage.  Remember that Augustine had stenographers who wrote with astonishing accuracy everything he said.  You can hear the "oratorical" quality of this piece.  You … Continue reading

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Vatican Calendar 29 June

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Bp Lynch on the translation

Bishop Lynch of Florida has begun to comment on the new translation (which is still in preparation).  I was amused to read: new principles of translation were forthcoming which insisted on a slavish, strict translation of the Latin text   … Continue reading

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Oath and Prayers of the Pallium

Today during Holy Mass in the Basilica of St. Peter, near to Peter’s tomb, the Holy Father gave the pallium to new metropolitan archbishops.  I didn;t have a front row seat, but I wasn’t too far back either.  There some … Continue reading

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29 June – Sts. Peter & Paul: COLLECT

This Collect is in part inspired by that of the parallel prayer in the 1962 Missale Romanum. However, it seems to be a rather new creation, if not entirely new. COLLECT: Deus, qui huius diei venerandam sanctamque laetitiam in apostolorum … Continue reading

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Augustine on Sts. Peter and Paul

This is a great day for the Roman Church and the Catholic Church throughout the world.  Let’s get some insight into the importance of Peter and Paul through the writings of St. Augustine.  Here is a starter from s. 295. … Continue reading

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“Shouts” better come in out of the sun

I wonder if Guy has been spending too much time out there in the Piazza under the blazing hot sun!?  o{];¬) He wrote: the NCR (you know…the "Wanderer" of the left) Now, really!  That isn’t the case at all.  The … Continue reading

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Roman Canon 1: The Preface

I am not an advocate of boisterous liturgy, but sometimes when I hear these prayers, and I sense the depth and the breadth of them through countless generations bursting from well-springs of Christian experience nourished by the actual blood of those who first prayed them, and I hear responses at Mass which are anemic, pale, timid, feeble, thin, mumbled, I simply want to stop everything, take people by the collective hands and say: “Do you NOT GET THIS??!” Continue reading

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The Roman Catechism on Pro Multis

This is extracted and edited from an article in the WDTPRS print version in The Wanderer published in 2004. Many arguments have been forwarded to justify the choice to translate pro multis as “for all”.  In Latin pro multis means … Continue reading

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I have no comments to make

So, off they go!  A delegation led by Archbishop Claudio Celli has been in China since Sunday, June 25. Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong told AsiaNews that the visit is "a friendly gesture," but added that "I do not … Continue reading

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