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Bp. Aquila of Fargo no longer Administrator of Sioux Falls

With the appointment of Bishop-Elect Paul Joseph Swain to the See of Sioux Falls, that means that H.E. Samuel Aquila, Bishop of Fargo, is no longer to be the Apostolic Administrator of Sioux Falls.

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Pope cancels annual Christmas concert

Old new to you?  I learned today that Pope Benedict XVI has cancalled the 12 year annual Christmas concert because, get this,  "he does not share his predecessor’s taste for pop music and wants to avoid scandal" or so it … Continue reading

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31 August: more of the Church Triumphant

There are some really interesting people listed in the Marytrologium Romanum today, who I cannot pass up mentioning. I already mentioned in another entry St. Joseph of Arimethea and St. Nicodemus, from the New Testment. Today is also the feast … Continue reading

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Laws of The House of God

On the blog Wormtalk and Slugspeak I was astonished to see a word not so many people use or even know: Gomer. "Well!" quoth I, "It is time to talk about Fat Man’s Laws of the House of God!" "But … Continue reading

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Sts. Joseph of Arimethea & Nicodemus

Today is the feast of Sts. Joseph of Arimethea and Nicodemus: 1. Hierosolymae, commemoratio sanctorum Ioseph de Arimathaea et Nicodemi, qui corpus Iesu a cruce depositum acceperunt, involverunt in sindone et posuerunt in monumento. Ioseph, nobilis decurio et discipulus Domini, … Continue reading

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USCCB: Patristics in the formation of seminarians

The USCCB issued a program for formation for US seminaries. Inter alia the conference has codified that Patristics (study of the theology of the Fathers of the Church) is to be included. Here are the relevant paragraphs: 201. Patristic studies … Continue reading

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John the Baptist: decreased by the sword

Today is the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist. I consider this (also) my name day, and in a way it is even more appropriate than the Nativity of John in June. Here is the Roman Martyrology entry … Continue reading

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Augustine’s strongest suit

Today I have been thinking about the impact of Augustine. (Actually, I think about that nearly every day.) This morning in a chat with a friend who is a true scholar of Augustine, I gleened something. If you want to … Continue reading

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Augustine’s Bones – where are they now?

Augustine died on 28 August 430. His friend and biographer Possidius describes his last days during the siege of Hippo by the Vandals. Sometime before the early 8th century, Augustine’s remains were translated from N. Africa to Sardinia for fear … Continue reading

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Augustine is ordained

Many bloggers and certainly patristibloggers will be posting today about St. Augustine. Rather than relate the same old stuff you already know, you might be interested in other less known episodes from the life of this titanic figure who so … Continue reading

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Mass with Monica and Augustine

This morning at the Sabine Farm Holy Mass was celebrated with the 1962 Missale Romanum in the presence of both St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica. Before Mass began, the great saint was honored with a parade in front … Continue reading

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28 August: other saints today (Junipero Serra and E. Arrowsmith)

Other saints today: Today is, incidently, the feast of St. Edmund Arrowsmith, one of the English martyrs. In his entry in the Martyrologium Romanum (below) you will find an item, which refers to entry no. 11 for William Dean and … Continue reading

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FNC’s Steve Centanni and cameraman RELEASED!

Fox News’ journalist Steve Centanni and his cameraman have been RELEASED! Let there be sung Non Nobis and Te Deum.

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Monica’s tomb in Sant’Agostino in Rome

This is the chapel in the church of St. Augustine in Rome (literally across the street from my back door) on the day when the bones of St. Augustine were brought from their resting place in Pavia to Rome. For … Continue reading

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Monica: an influence on the doctrine of Original sin?

Turning again to Serge Lancel’s excellent Augustine, the best biography I know of the great Bishop of Hippo (p. 11 ff) we can get a view of Monica and her son and their relationship (my emphasis): In the course of … Continue reading

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