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China: Bishop abducted and escapes

Biretta tip to Argent for this alarming story from China… o{]:¬\ who in turn got it from AsiaNews. Read this and think about whether the PRC is really interested in proper relations wtih the Catholic Church. Rome (AsiaNews) – A … Continue reading

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Common Declaration of Benedict and Bartholomew

The text was originally released in FRENCH only. As I write, I am listening to it being read in English via Vatican Radio. Here is the text, which I publish after the reading is completed for reasons of the Press … Continue reading

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Address of Pope Benedict before the Ecumenical Patriarch

ADDRESS OF POPE BENEDICT before the Ecumenical Patriarch (my emphasis and comments) This Divine Liturgy celebrated on the Feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle, Patron Saint of the Church of Constantinople, brings us back to the early Church, to the … Continue reading

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Divine Liturgy in Constantinople

I am right now watching the end of the Divine Liturgy of the Ecumenical Patriarch as Pope Benedict attends. The liturgy has ended and the Patriach is giving an address. My (spoken) Greek is a little rusty. But so far … Continue reading

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Another caption call

"The Divine Liturgy is going to last how long!?"

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The “Fourth” Secret of Fatima

I occasionally read books about the so-called “Third Secret” uttered by Our Lady of Fatima. Lot’s of people believe that the real text of the “Third Secret” has still not been made public despite the hoopla a few years ago … Continue reading

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Bp. Carlson asks for prayers

  Bp. Carlson underwent preventative surgery today, asks for prayers From the Saginaw Catholic Times:Saginaw Bishop Robert J. Carlson will undergo surgery on Tuesday, Nov. 28, to remove a section of his colon. There is no cancer in the area … Continue reading

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Job security

I already wrote about this little piece on the Vatican website before, but in light of the departure of His Holiness for Turkey I reviewed it and am driven to ask you a question. Here is the first line of … Continue reading

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“The Nativity Story” and more about Mary’s “painful” childbirth

I had lunch today with a great Marian expert from Syria, a Greek Melkite Antiochian Catholic who is a professor at the Oriental Institute here in Rome.   I asked him about the Eastern teachings and traditions about Mary’s giving birth … Continue reading

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Request for a caption

The Holy Father is on his way to Turkey.  Have a caption? "Don’t worry. See you next Friday … my place!"

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