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Bp. Finn of KC speaks on voting: “consider your eternal salvation”

His Excellency Bp. Robert Finn of Kansas City, MO, spoke on the radio about the election.  The Catholic Key has the report. KCMO 710’s Chris Stigall interviewed Bishop Finn on the subject of the election this morning. As he has … Continue reading

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Fr. Z needs help from New Mexico readers

For readers in central New Mexico, I need your help. From a reader: I am probably in the very smallest of small minorities reading your blog — I’m an atheist. However, for some reason I happen to be a bit … Continue reading

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For your consideration

If you US citizens are not sure if you are going to vote tomorrow, or you don’t know form whom to vote, or your are considering … well… you know…., then think about this on a secular level: Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Italy telephone prefix 0185

Did a reader from a 0185 prefix in ITALY call me today? E-mail please, or SMS me.

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Show us your BLACK vestments!

This is from a priest reader: Attached is a photo of me offering an English Novus Ordo Missae at St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Peoria, AZ at 10:00 a.m. today. We are a "Reform of the Reform/Summorum Pontificum Parish" where all … Continue reading

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A requiem for Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with children

Coo-ees From the Cloister has this fun piece (edited and with my emphases and comments). You may – if you have a life – have missed the news that, in the latest Typical Edition in Latin of the Roman Missal, … Continue reading

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RIP Col. John Ripley, USMC Ret.

A couple weeks ago I was at the US Naval Academy at Anapolis.  While there, I learned about John W. Ripley, USMC Ret. My host at the Academy spoke about Col. Ripley, who lived nearby and came to Mass there. … Continue reading

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Card. Martini: The “lies” and “damage” of Humanae vitae

This is in from the gentlemanly Sandro Magister. My emphases and comments. Cardinal Martini’s Jesus Would Never Have Written "Humanae Vitae" He is a Jesus who struggles against injustice. So he also opposes the "lies" and "damage" of the encyclical … Continue reading

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Brisbane: heretic Fr. Dresser and parish told to clean up by 1 Dec

More on St. Mary’s in Brisbane, Australia.   More on the background here.   Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby has written to the administrator of St Mary’s in South Brisbane threatening to start "a formal process" to address the situation if … Continue reading

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16 Nov: Dayton, OH: Solemn TLM

From a reader: On November 16, Fr. Eric Flood, FSSP, North American District Superior of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, will be visiting the Latin Mass community in Dayton.  He will offer the first Solemn High Mass in almost … Continue reading

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Rumor: Pope Benedict considering lifting SSPX excommunications

Our friends at Rorate have an intriguing rumor. Decree for the removal of excommunications on the Pope’s desk? From Spanish blog La Cigüeña de la Torre:     On the Holy Father’s bureau [read=desk] stands a prepared decree which will lift … Continue reading

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