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#ActonU 2017: Day 2

Day 2 started, as always, with Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. In another room, there is the Ordinary Form (I think they use electric piano over there).  There is also, this year, an Orthodox Prayer service and a Protestant. … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Must a Latin Church Catholic going to an Eastern Church still obey Latin laws?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Is a Latin Rite Catholic who is married to an Eastern Rite Catholic, has Eastern Rite children, attends an Eastern Rite parish, but has not been canonically transferred still obliged to follow the precepts of the Latin Rite (Holy … Continue reading

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Robert Card. Sarah, Terror of Libs

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald.  This is a terrific summary of the hate launched by liberals at Card. Sarah.  We owe the writer debt of thanks for piecing this together for the record.   He exposes … Continue reading

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NOTE TO READERS: Registration, comments, Snail Mail and Email

Even as you read this, the blog is under siege by vile spammers trying to register to post their putrid slime. I have logs that show me what’s going on. The drawbridge is raised. The gators are in the moat.  Oil is … Continue reading

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#ActonU 2017: Day 1

We have completed the first full day. I gave my lecture today on Augustine and the City of Man. A view of the great deco/liberty hall in the older portion of the otherwise state of art facility. I always like … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Priest puts too much water into the chalice. Valid?

From a reader… QUAERUNTUR (I generally take ONE question at a time, but I am feeling benign this afternoon… a rare occurance): Your recent post this afternoon about validity around a Priest using “for all” instead of “for many” made me … Continue reading

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BUX “We are in a full crisis of faith!” Wherein Fr. Z muses on the times.

Some of you will remember those commercials years ago where some guys, sitting with friends is a loud restaurant, says something like, “My broker is Joe Bagofdonuts.  Joe says…”, and suddenly the entire restaurant is dead still with everyone leaning … Continue reading

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#ActonU 2017: Day 0

We have gathered again in Grand Rapids MI for Acton University 2017. Once again there is a huge and diverse group from all over the world. Tonight we have registered and greeted lots of old friends and now our first … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Priest says “for all” in consecration. Invalid?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I just read an article from the Remnant which argued that the use of “for all” instead of “for many” did not invalidate the Mass. This article was written immediately after the release of the new translation of … Continue reading

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Engage in the “Battle for the Eternal Salvation of Souls” – Wherein Fr. Z beats to Quarters

UPDATE:  So that you don’t miss it, I provide below an explanation of the Holy Father’s oft cited and puzzling maxim “time is greater than space”.  Don’t miss it. ___ A young writer at the increasingly helpful – and descriptive … Continue reading

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PIZZA RAT LIVES! The legend continues.

This one is especially for Fr RS who really liked the recent Grizzy Bear v SUV post. One of my urban heroes is dear old Pizza Rat. A New York City Subway rat hit pay dirt one day with a … Continue reading

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Looking for an approved Catholic version of The Bible? Not much help at this site.

The Catholic Church gave the Bible to the world. Only the Catholic Church could compile and authenticate as inspired ancient Christian writings, so that error and spiritual danger was avoided. The Catholic Church is the only authentic interpreter of the … Continue reading

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Disgusting: “One Priest’s Plan to Queer the Catholic Church”

A disgusting site called VICE (please don’t go there) has a story: One Priest’s Plan to Queer the Catholic Church The priest in question is Jesuit… Jesuit… James Martin, SJ. It’s an interview. Don’t. Meanwhile… Clement XIV Swag HERE Where’s … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Is there an Archangel Uriel?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: My daughter asked me if I had heard of an Archangel Uriel. I believe only 3 are named in Scripture and we must be careful about a name that could be an evil spirit. Info online seems to … Continue reading

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Corpus Christi in bombed out Cologne in 1947

No, no… everything is better now since the “reforms” of the liturgy and the way doctrine and law have been de-emphasized in the name of the spirit of Vatican II.  No.  Everything is so much better now… really… better.. it … Continue reading

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