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ASK FATHER: A soul in anguish about the state of the Church. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Dear Father, I feel [unsafe] going to Church, which I unfortunately cannot bring myself to do. I firmly believe in the Catholic Faith and all of its traditional teachings. However, going to Mass anywhere has proved … Continue reading

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The TMSM welcomes Bp. Hying to @MadisonDiocese – UPDATED

His Excellency Most Reverend Donald Hying has come to Madison as the diocese’s 5th Bishop.  On Monday, 24 June, Vespers was celebrated on the vigil of his installation on 25 June.  You can see the ceremony and hear the Bishop’s … Continue reading

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Aftermath: the modernist star-trek altar from Notre-Dame de Paris

You might recall that the fire in the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris brought down part of the roof precisely over the modernist star-trek altar set up in the crossing of the nave and transepts.   A massive rubble smashed down … Continue reading

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Clerical beards.

I saw at Pathetic from the esteemed Rev. Mr. Kandra a fluffy bit about more and more seminarians and priests – of the Latin Church – sporting beards.   HERE A couple things.  It has not been the custom of Latin … Continue reading

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PARODY SONG ALERT: Amazoniana Synod

The other day, I posted about the upcoming Pan-Amazonian Synod at which the members will among other things discuss married priests as a solution to the shortage in that mission territory.  I wrote that “I try try try to give … Continue reading

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Shades of Windswept House – UPDATED with a new interview about the late Card. Bernardin

UPDATE: There is MORE. McCarrick’s victim was also abused by Bernardin. He’s on the record in a video interview with Michael Voris. HERE Do NOT watch any of this with children present.  And if you are at all hesitant on … Continue reading

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Earthquake at near Rome – 20:43:47 (UTC) Magnitude 3.4 at a depth of 5 KM – @ Colonna, Italy

There was just an earthquake 1 KM north of Colonna, Italy, in the Castelli Romani 24 KM SE of Rome. 20:43:47 (UTC) Magnitude 3.4 at a depth of 5 KM. This is near well-known places such as Frascati and other … Continue reading

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VIDEO Fr @GeraldMurray8 and Dr @RobertSRoyal analyze hot-button issues

My friends Fr. Murray and Dr. Royal were on EWTN with Raymond Arroyo last Friday, 21 June.   They spoke at length about the upcoming Synod, about the new document from the Cong. for Catholic Education on “gender theory”, about ongoing … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Can I really fulfill my Mass obligation at an SSPX chapel?

UPDATE 24 June I had a note from Peter Vere which, with his permission, I should add to the post. A number of folks have sent me the following link, in which you mention my name directly, regarding the SSPX. … Continue reading

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Concerning the upcoming Synod, Germans and Tapirs

I try try try to give these Synod (“walking together”) guys the benefit of the doubt, but does anyone sincerely believe that talking about married clergy is really about shortage of priests in a mission country?  Really? I can’t say … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM: How you can help defend the Seal of Confession in California

Every once in a while, some legal case pops up whereby one side tries to undermine the Seal of Confession. These attempts usually go down in defeat. However, each time they are advanced, the needle is bumped ever so slightly … Continue reading

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“This ‘Communion in the hand’ thing needs to stop.”

I received this from a priest… Dear and Reverend Father, I thought that you may find the attached image useful, as heartbreaking and enraging as it is. Today, an elderly woman came into my office. She was very confused and … Continue reading

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#ActonU 2019 Day 4: Great people… great content

I’ve been to a lot of conferences.   Often, things get behind schedule due to lack of planning and discipline (which is disrespectful of the participants and speakers). None of that at Acton University!  Things run on time.  You never have … Continue reading

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Archd. of Indianapolis says Jesuit school isn’t Catholic

UPDATE 22 June: CNA has more of the back story. HERE UPDATE 21 June: Check out canonist Ed Peters on this story. HERE ___ You may have already seen this, but I’m both glad and sad to post it. This … Continue reading

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#ActonU 2019 Day 1 = Day 3: getting up to speed

Once again I have the pleasure of participating in Acton Institute’s summer event, Acton University, several days of outstanding lectures and meeting people from dozens of countries and varying walks of life and religions. Getting here wasn’t easy this time.  … Continue reading

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