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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass? Share it.

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“Je Suis Charles Martel”

I noticed this at American Catholic:
The slogan Je Suis Charles Martel is beginning to make its way around Saint Blogs.  Here is some information on the grandfather of Charlemagne who stopped the advance of Islam into what became France in … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Jiggity Jig

And off I go again.
It was a great trip. I met lots of old friends and met a few new ones.
The Pontifical Mass was great. The exhibit on Mary fine. The National Gallery edifying. The Army … Continue reading

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Francis to new bishops…

Yes, Our Holy Father does have a way of stopping us in our tracks and rereading the sentence.
Not exactly rhetoric in the lofty style, but rhetoric is about getting the point across in way that either persuades, moves … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: When is enough, enough?

From a reader…
When is enough, enough? I help facilitate the RCIA program in my parish and the other leaders in the name of compassion are constantly at odds with the teachings of Holy Mother Church. As one trying to be … Continue reading

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A piece of good news

A very smart priest friend sent me a note this morning with two pieces of good news regarding Pope Francis.  I’ll simply share what he sent…. no, wait… I’ll share the first piece of good news.  I may post the second … Continue reading

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WASH DC – DAY 3: Old stuff

I have had time before my flight home to visit, for the first time since 1976, the National Archive to view the charter documents of the founding of these USA.
No photos allowed, alas.
While it was great to see the Declaration … Continue reading

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Pope Francis says: GO TO CONFESSION!

Pope Francis is nothing if not interesting.   When he goes off text or speaks off the cuff… anything can happen.  The usual result is that we are left stopped in our tracks and scratching our heads, trying to figure … Continue reading

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Petition for a Catholic Requiem for King Richard III

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald:
Thousands sign petition calling for Richard III to have a Catholic burial
Three thousand people have signed a petition calling for Richard III to be given a Catholic burial.
The petition, addressed to Cardinal Vincent … Continue reading

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WASH DC – DAY 2: Tickle the Lord Edition

I am at the National Gallery for Women in the Arts for an exhibit of images of Mary.
UPDATE: I read that on 2 March the group Anonymous 4 is to give a concert at the NGWA.  Wow!
I must admit that … Continue reading

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