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Rodari interviews Vian on what he is up to with L’Osservatore Romano

It has been hard to explain why in the page of L’Osservatore Romano we have seen sch poor judgment about the case of Notre Dame and Pres. Obama.
Notre Dame chose to bestow an honor on the most pro-abortion President the … Continue reading

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L’Osservatore Romano… what the…?!?

Many…many.. of you are asking me via e-mail what one earth is wrong with L’Osservatore Romano.
The Vatican’s newspaper published a decidedly dopey article on the visit of President Obama to Notre Dame.
The singularly grossest aspect of the decidedly dopey article … Continue reading

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Bp. Finn (D. KC, MO) on Notre Dame, Obama’s speech

The Catholic Key blog of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has an interview with His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Finn, the excellent bishop of the same.
He opines on the visit of Pres. Obama to Notre Dame.
Here are a few … Continue reading

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Fr. Jenkin’s intro for Pres. Obama

Here is the text of Fr. Jenkin’s introduction of Pres. Obama at the commencement ceremony on Sunday 17 May.
This introduction sounds oh so right, in a gooey sort of way, but it is oh so wrong in many others. 
Many … Continue reading

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Bp. Trautman on Notre Dame and Pres. Obama

WDTPRS has been hard on the liturgical translation views His Excellent Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman, Bishop of Erie.
Here is his statement on the scandal at Notre Dame.  It is posted on the site of the Diocese of Erie.
Keep in … Continue reading

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Anxious NCR editorial – They KNOW they are losing and they are terrified!

The ultra-left-wing National Catholic Reporter has an editorial in which they reveal their darkest fear:
…the goalposts have shifted in the U.S. episcopacy in the past decade – and they have swerved in a decidedly rightward tilt on both the … Continue reading

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A study in how “nuance” is used to enervate

From the ultra-lefty National Catholic Reporter we have this piece.A Georgetown prof is trying…. [btw… nice tie, Father] … to offer a very nuanced position.  The bottom line is that Catholics, especially bishops, are not sophisticated or wise unless they … Continue reading

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Some polling on Notre Dame and Pres. Obama

The left-wing, progressivist Catholics tend to follow polling data more than the Church’s Magisterium when it comes to certain hot button issues.
I wonder what they do with the latest Rasmussen Poll about the reaction of Catholics the the scandalous decision … Continue reading

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Thomas Reese, SJ “Memo to Bishops: Most Catholics Aren’t Listening”

From The Washington Post we have this slithery piece from Thomas Reese, SJ:
Memo to Bishops: Most Catholics Aren’t Listening
By Thomas J. Reese, S.J.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, there was a steady drumbeat of opposition to Barack Obama from … Continue reading

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Deplorable “Catholic Democrats” deplore Amb. Glendon

I am all for an identifiable Catholic presence in the public square.
That said, this group is becoming more and more divisive: Catholic Democrats.
Here is their latest defense of Notre Shame, which involves the denigration of Amb. Mary Ann … Continue reading

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