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Mail from a priest: “It finally dawned on me that the dysfunction could be demonic.” Then a short rant from @FatherZ

A priest sent an interesting email, in the wake of what I wrote HERE about the need to perform exorcisms of all church properties.   I short, I wrote: […] If I were a diocesan bishop, I would immediately go through my entire … Read More

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Two seriously ugly signs of the times involving papal honors and the silencing of bells

UPDATE: What sort of person is this Ploumen, to whom the papal honor was given? Ed Pentin has more extensive information. HERE Ploumen’s work in support of abortion has been monstrous: In protest at President Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico … Read More

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PARIS: Notre Dame gets new bells for her 850th birthday – video

We Catholics love our bells.  Bells are, traditionally, not just blessed but “baptized”.  They are given names as well. From The History Blog: Notre Dame gets new bells for her 850th birthday Notre Dame de Paris, the Gothic cathedral that … Read More

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Ever parish needs a crotalus or two!

Thinking ahead to the Triduum?  Perhaps it will be this year that Father changes out the bells after the Gloria on Holy Thursday to the crotalus or “ratchet”, the harsh wooden noisemaker. In some places a wooden gizmo with little hammers … Read More

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Notre-Dame de Paris to change its bells!

From The Guardian:   Ding dang … Notre Dame moves to scrap out-of-tune bells Paris cathedral’s move to replace its old bells with new ones for its 850th anniversary fails to chime with heritage lobby Their names sound pretty enough … Read More

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Midday Beauty Break for the Feast of the Transfiguration

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! I often listen to the hours sung by the monks at Le Barroux. Today for Sext the melody of the usual text of the hymn Rector potens verax Deus was strikingly beautiful. Here it … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Ringing bells during Mass

I will leave this to the readers to help with. I’m training the altar servers at my parish, and we want to add ringing the sanctus bells at the epiclesis. In the 3rd edition of the roman missal, when should the bells … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s sermon at Holy Mass in Erfurt

Pope Benedict celebrated Holy Mass in Erfurt, Germany.  Here is the sermon. A highlight: “you have had to endure first a brown and then a red dictatorship” And: “We have no wish to hide in a purely private faith….” My … Read More

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